Farin’UP USA. Authentic French crepes distributed right here in San Antonio TX!

Last week I was lucky enough to receive a shipment of ‘Le Fabulous French crepes mix’ by Farin’UP USA 🥞 – a mix made by the oldest family run mill in Luxembourg, and distributed right here in the states through San Antonio TX!

They are leaders in premium quality flour and bake mixes that taste just like the real deal. Upon receiving the mix I was extremely shocked to see the only ingredient I needed to add was milk in order to make the perfect crepe. Naturally, I was skeptical, but I can 100% say that these crepes blew my mind. Complete with Nutella and strawberries these light, delicate, crepes flowed smoothly down with a glass of La Vostre rose sparkling wine.

I have been lucky enough to spend many months in France, during my short 26 years and I can positively say that I tried these crepes without any toppings at all and was pleasantly surprised with the taste and texture matching that of a Creperie in France itself.

They’re wafer thin, light as a feather, soft, and absolutely irresistible with a hint of vanilla! AND they’re so easy and SO quick that you can make these crepes in a matter of minutes; the packaging even says that these crepes can cook in a minute, and I’m here to tell you that they are not lying. Do yourself a favor and buy some Farin’UP USA crepe mix today, you’d be a fool not to! I’d also like to say that although I have only tried the crepe mix so far, they also offer cookie mix, pancake mix, brownie mix, SAVORY crepe mix, apple crumble mix, a flour pizza mix, and their very own all purpose flour mix; I’m so excited to try more of their products, and I know for certain if they taste and come out as good as these crepes, then I will be one happy Hangry Wife.

Thank you so much Farin’UP USA for bringing authentic French crepes all the way to Texas for me. I can guarantee my husband will be requesting a crepe dessert this evening for his dinner, and I can’t wait to see his face when he takes that first bite.

💜 Mrs. Conley

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