Brunch bliss – The Friendly Toast – Boston MA.

At times I wish I didn’t work weekends so that I could brunch a typical brunch, but then I remember that I can brunch on a Wednesday when there’s nobody around without making reservations, and I feel a little better about the situation.

This Wednesday in Boston MA was no different, and as my husband and our good friend headed to The Friendly Toast on Stanhope St I was excited to brunch myself into a food coma and get my hands on all of the deliciousness I’d read about on their menu.

From the outside The Friendly Toast was colorful and fun from the get go.

I loved their unique, large, wooden doors that seemed to almost be fit for a castle, and the sign seemed to welcome you in with open arms as though reassuring patrons that this wasn’t a place to get serious, but to laugh your cares away with good food and good people.

As soon as we walked through the big wooden doors and into the restaurant I was taken aback by how much color was squashed into the small space; I felt as though I’d taken some kind of happy tablet and everything around me was glowing with life.

Greens, reds, blues, pinks, and greys filled the room as though it was the 70s and we’d gone back in time. All around us cute pictures, funny quotes, and quirky signs hung from every available space on the surface of the walls. It was fun, it was hip, and it was an instant mood lifter that brightened your day from the first time you laid your eyes on it.

Our waitress came to greet us with such a pleasant demeanor that I instantly felt as though I was welcome and comfortable sat right there at The Friendly Toast. Nothing was too much trouble, she was bubbly and animated, and she answered all of my silly questions with patience and love; it was excellent service.

With the menu in front of me I began to get down to business; there was so much to choose from that I went back and forth continuously, stuck on different items every 10 minutes. In the end I had to ask my husband to pick a hand to help me out, and I was thrilled with his left hand selection – the Irish eggs Benedict.

If you’re wondering how such a Hangry Wife like me might have issues picking from the menu, when you know I’ve looked at it a million times online, and know it inside out…. well, see for yourself. The selection is just outstanding and a brunch spot made in heaven.

It seems like a lot to read, but each page is relevant and necessary to the whole Friendly Toast experience. The menu was fun, eye catching, and I liked their style.

My husband decided to go for an 8″ Belgian waffle with real maple syrup, and a side of bacon; his excitement made me excited.

For drinks we decided upon a flight each; I a mimosa flight, and my husband the Bloody Mary flight.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen flights of Mimosas and Bloody Marys on a menu and I have to say I loved it; what a genius idea.

My mimosa flight consisted of a traditional mimosa, an elderflower grapefruit mimosa, an apricot brandy, blackberry and lemon mimosa and a apple pie moonshine cinnamon syrup and cranberry mimosa.

My husbands Bloody Mary flight consisted of a traditional Bloody with a celery salt rim, a bacon vodka with chipotle spice rim, a jalapeño tequila with chipotle spice rim, and a four rose bourbon bbq sauced molasses bitters and crispy onion straws bloody.

They arrived and I felt as though these flights where the adult equivalent of a bag of candy. I was giddy, I was in love with the gimmick, and couldn’t have been happier.

The flights went down a treat, and after two empty flight glasses I decided to slow down and wait for the food to arrive.

I’d never had an Irish benny before and I was eager to see what the house-made corned beef hash would be like.

It wasn’t long before our table was so full of food and drinks that I had to rearrange to get comfortable with my huge plate of food and beautiful flight. My Irish eggs benny looked absolutely delightful and I knew I’d made the right decision.

The first bite I took was of a piece of English muffin, the Hollandaise sauce and some corned beef hash; it was good. The saltiness of the corned beef hash was very bold but the creaminess of the Hollandaise and the English muffin that absorbed it all seemed to balance it out into a blissful mouthful of brunch heaven.

The potatoes where golden and crisped to perfection, and mixed in with the Hollandaise they became a dangerous weapon of self destruction.

It was a gift from the heaven as I slurped my way through the mimosa flight and chewed my way into happiness with every bite, but of course the egg was high on my list.

At the first egg slice I hoped to see oozing yolk pouring out into the Hollandaise, carving its way across the plate in a river of gold, but it was just a fraction runny. I would have like it a little less cooked, but it was still ‘runny’ so I wasn’t too bothered in the end as the yolk was still deliciously creamy and mouthwatering.

At the beginning of the meal I had told my husband that I would not finish the whole thing so that we could get dinner later and I wouldn’t be overly stuffed and uncomfortable, but as I continued to chow down I realized that those hopes where just pipe dreams and this plate was clearing rapidly before my eyes.

I couldn’t stop. I tried to fit potato, egg, English muffin and corned beef hash onto my fork all at once with a blanket of Hollandaise, before shoving it into my mouth greedily, basking in all of the glorious flavors intertwining whilst looking like a hamster.

The thick butteriness of Hollandaise, mixed with the creamy fluffy egg, the saltiness of the corned beef, and the starch of the muffin and potatoes which seemed to almost equalize it as a whole, was just unreal. It was a plate that just kept on giving in terms of boldness and tastebud teasing.

I didn’t tire of a single bite, and almost finished the entire plate before I forced myself to stop.

With both eggs, both muffins, all the corned beef hash, half the potatoes, and all of the Hollandaise destroyed, I knew I’d done myself proud.

My husbands dish also looked too good to be true, and I was lucky enough to even get a nibble of his perfectly crisp and salty bacon, which is rare.

With my husband not being a huge breakfast person I wondered if he would eat much of his meal, but by the end of mine I looked up and saw he had destroyed over half of it; impressive for a morning if you know my husband at all.

I was shocked, and proud at just how well he’d ‘brunched’ and saw a glimmer of hope for many more brunch days in our future.

Our time at The Friendly toast was beyond enjoyable; it was almost criminally good.

Between our brunch flights and the food I couldn’t fault it in any way; I would have liked to have had a more fluid yolk, but hey…. it still ran a little and that’s good enough for this Hangry Wife!

The Friendly toast was a breath of fresh air in terms of atmosphere, food/drink quality, and excellent service.

I’d highly recommend it for a great brunch no matter the day.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley

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  1. Pete Myers says:

    Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Definitely a fantastic place for brunch in Boston!


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