MORE brewing leaves us wanting more in Villa park, Illinois.

This week my husband and I took quite a pricey Uber from Rosemont Illinois to Villa Park, a hefty 16 mile trip, and I have to say that we where not disappointed in the slightest.

After researching nearby breweries online there was just something about MORE that really ticked all of the boxes for us.

Not only did it look cosy and welcoming, but their beer menu and food menu made me instantly schedule our pickup so that we could be on our way to brewery heaven.

After a mix up with the drop off location and a miscommunication with our driver, we ended up walking a quick 5 minutes in head on freezing wind in order to get to the actual brewery.

However, non of that mattered when I saw the brewery ahead of me; it’s orange tinged lighting and Christmas reefs looked so inviting that I almost plowed my husband off of the icy path in order to enter as quickly as possible.

A step through the threshold, and a warm gush of air, along with the view of the cosy inside was confirmation that we had made a good decision.

I quickly unbundled myself so that I could talk to the hostess, who greeted us with a wide smile and a friendly Hello, before following her to our table.

There was almost a warehouse feel to MORE and although we didn’t know it now, but later on there would be a line of people at the door waiting to get their slice of brewery heaven.

To the left and center sat the seating area, nothing fancy, but homely enough. On the right sat the working tanks that quietly brewed away as we enjoyed our meal, and all around us sat brick walls that had been painted for effect.

A part of me wished we had being able to get a seat at the bar, so that I could hear the conversations around me and learn more about the brewery, but in hindsight our little table for two was the perfect spot for giving me great views of the whole brewery.

I was surprised to see how short the menu ran when the waitress handed it to us. A wooden board with two sides; one for food, and one for drinks.

Check it out for yourself.

The food menu had a lot of different options, but my eyes where instantly drawn to the More burger, with a passionate need to add an ooey gooey egg.

My husband ordered the cheese curds and the cilantro lime wings.

I was also shocked at just how small their beer menu was with only 6 beers from the actual brewery, and both my husband and I decided on the DDH K.I.S.S.

I would like to point out that although I was shocked by the smaller menus I would later realize that small was the way to go.

It wasn’t a lack of items or a loss of what to do next, the menu was small because those where the dishes they did incredibly well.

Yes the beer list was short, yes the food menu wasn’t crazy, but the quality in both the beer and the food was of an exceptional level.

I understand now that they don’t make a menu just to serve mediocre food or beer, but yet they make a menu that has been cleverly thought through, and tried over and over again to deliver the highest quality in both fields and leave their customers happy.

It wasn’t long before our beers arrived, and with my love for hazy IPAs off of the charts right now, I fell completely in love.

It was simple, it was bursting with flavor, and we ended up having two each before the night was over.

I’d also like to go back and reiterate on the small, but quality filled menu by quoting their description for the DDH K.I.S.S. IPA

‘Keep it simple, stupid’.

And they where right! Simple was the way forward. Simple homemade food and beer of a standard that’s unheard of with a lot of breweries.

As my husband and I repeated ourselves over and over like broken records on just how good the IPA was, our food approached steaming from the kitchen depths.

Now, I hate to make you jealous, but let me tell you this was the best burger I’d had the pleasure of eating in a long time.

Not one but two patties made this beast of a dish tower above the truffle fries, with cheddar cheese and an egg stabilizing the foundation of this short rib and chuck roast ground up mix.

Yep, you read that right! This wasn’t just a ground beef burger, but a mix of chuck roast and short rib blended up to make a creation so beautiful that I wanted to lick the juices off of the plate like an animal in front of the whole restaurant.

With every bite of the burger I fell more and more in love.

The meat was cooked to a perfect medium rare, which housed all the beautiful juices I wanted to lick up so bad. The cheese layer between each patty made it so that no bite was left un-cheesed and as the egg exploded in a heart wrenching avalanche down the side of burger mountain, I couldn’t help but chew faster.

The salty meatiness of the beef patty, along with the sharp cheddar running through like a vein, and the creamy egg to top it off was unlike any burger I’d had in months. It seemed to me that More brewing had perfected the ultimate winner.

I can honestly say that the picture doesn’t do it justice; I had burger juice cascading down my hand, and a constant napkin for my mouth, as I continued to take bite after bite, each one somehow better than the last.

The truffle fries where already perfectly crispy and soft with a side of garlic aioli that not only paired with the fries, but the burger too, and soon my husband began dipping his cheese curds into it and it became a fight of the garlic aioli consumption.

I must admit that I was jealous of my husbands cheese curds and wished I’d ordered them too, but by the time I’d devoured my burger and fries there was just no more room at the inn.

I did manage to snag a couple though before I became too full to function, and each cheese curd crunched between my teeth before releasing its gooey innards which seemed to stretch all the way across the table. I’m sure, if we’d tried, my husband and I could have reenacted the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene with a cheese curd.

As for the cilantro lime wings? Well, let’s just say that my husband ate them so fast whilst I went to the bathroom that I didn’t even get a picture.

The tandoori spices had marinated the meat into a red tinge and my husband said he wished he’d tried their masala Indian main dish because they absolutely nailed the tandoori flavors and Indian cuisine. I was curious. The next visit we make to MORE brewing will definitely have me ordering the same.

Thank you to MORE brewing for a fantastic evening with not only fantastic beer, but fantastic food too.

We can’t wait to come back and enjoy it all once again.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley

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