Pho Street – Philadelphia PA – right up my alley.

Have you ever been so rough, and in desperate need of food, that when you find the perfect cure it feels as though you’ve been sent a gift from the heavens?

Well, I have, and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Welcome to Pho Street; you’ll find this great establishment right on Market street, Philly, minding its own business as it serves some of the best pho in the city.

With the morning long gone and lunch almost over, my husband and I decided it was time to leave the cave of our dark hotel room and head in the search for some food.

Pho has always been a favorite of ours over the years, but we definitely love it all that bit more when it truly fixes our souls.

After a company night of celebrations, that purple and green sign was a sight of pure beauty as we walked through the door.

Inside, the music was low – perfect – and we seemed to have missed the lunch time rush, which made the whole situation even more perfect.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Mrs. Conley, another pho review? There’s only so many ways to describe that hearty dish!

But that’s where you’re wrong.

Yes, the whole bowl was outstanding, but I wanted to take the time to write this review based on the overall unique experience that blew my mind.

So pipe down and listen up.

Once inside, out of the rain, we took off our seven thousand layers and searched for a counter to order our much needed food, but there was no counter, and no specific person to order from.

Instead, the ordering system was all electronic. You simply went to a machine, swiped your card, typed in your order, and received a numbered ticket.

It was GENIUS!

I had just discovered the perfect introvert ordering system. I didn’t have to speak to a single person in my rough state, and the menu was easily navigated to have my order in the system within a matter of 60 seconds and a few quick finger jabs.

I loved it. I loved everything about this restaurant, but the fate would really be sealed when those first few drops of delicious broth touched my lips.

The anticipation was killing me as I stood like a drowned rat, holding my ticket number, waiting to feast my eyes on what I hoped would be a beautiful masterpiece.

It didn’t take long, in fact I helped myself to sauces and cutlery just in time before my number was called.

It looked like everything I had dreamed of and more.

From first glance it didn’t look as though the steak round had been added with much of a heavy hand, but let me tell you that within that soupy mecca there was enough steak to cry happy tears over; such a deceiving little fella.

My first taste test of any pho bowl is always the broth and whether it’s good enough on its own, or only good with the addition of hoisin. That’s the true moment when I dub a place a legit pho joint, or a not so legit pho joint.

This broth did not let me down; it hit the nail right on the head. Without adding any hoisin it was already perfectly formed into the earthy, meaty, flavorful nutrient ladened dish that all of us pho lovers adore.

After adding all of the trimmings, minus the jalapeños, and squirting a neat serving of hoisin into the broth, it was the textbook model for how pho should be.

My husband had not spoken to me the whole meal up until this point, and had spent his time at the restaurant sat with his head down waiting for food to arrive, and the first thing he said to me was

‘Man, that’s some good pho.’

Followed by ‘This is exactly what we needed to put us back on track’ and he was right!

The noodles where the cover photo model of what a vermicelli rice noodle should be, and once again for the umpteenth time this year I’d found myself in Pho heaven.

Pho street was as good as any of my other favorite joints across the US, but what really set it apart for me was the easy, silent, ordering system that required no human contact and no misunderstanding or confusions.

The day was off to a great start, and after eating such a delicious bowl of pho I felt like my husband and I could tackle anything that would come our way.

Thank you Pho street for saving not only our lives, but our souls too.

Our love for pho lives on, and I’ll happily say that this was the best pho joint we had the pleasure of visiting in Philly.

If you liked this review remember that you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @ AHangryWife.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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