The Deklab food hall adventure continues into part 2 with baos, sushi hand rolls, and craft beer. You can’t miss this!

Day two rolled around quickly with my highly anticipated second visit to Deklab food hall in Brooklyn NY.

I walked quickly in the cold air, thankful that the rain had departed earlier that day, and waited patiently as the escalator delivered me to my new found food paradise.

What was on the menu today? I asked myself.

My first stop was ‘Bunsmith’ – a little boa bun eatery that looked right up my alley – with its many different delicious delights to choose from.

I stood for only a split second before deciding upon a Bulgogi beef bao; a bao I had never previously tried.

With my $5 handed over I stood awkwardly, trying hard not to drool all over myself as the delicious aroma drifted from the kitchen out to my hungry senses.

I inhaled deeply trying to imagine just how that little bao would taste, and wondered if I should have tried a couple.

As I stared up at the illuminated menu, my bao arrived, looking more beautiful than I could have ever imagined; take a look for yourself!

The first bite literally had me running to my husband, who was purchasing a taco at another stand, before begging him to take a bite.

The sweetness of the sugar used in Bulgogi was just enough to pierce the surface, but not enough to overpower the little fella in my hand.

The flavors of soy, ginger garlic, sesame oil, and pure heaven that was used in this bao bun added a depth that I don’t think I could match to any other ‘beef’ bao I’ve had.

In fact, I loved it so much that I ended up getting two, and would find myself later that evening researching recipes on how to make my own.

With both bao buns peacefully resting in my stomach, awaiting company, I decided it was time to take a trip to the Craft and carry bottle shop.

On the way my husband joined me and told me all about his delicious tacos, that I made sure to add to my list, and we entered the craft and carry together hand in hand.

I loved the idea of being able to carry a great craft beer around the vendors, whilst chowing down on delicious food between swigs, it added a whole other fun experience to the night.

The menu had more choices than I thought possible for this little vendor, and instantly I became more excited for this pit stop than I previously had.

With my love of IPAs growing strong by the minute I decided upon the Industrial Arts Wrench IPA from Garnerville, NY.

It was the perfect after bao treat, that went down smoothly with every vendor I passed, deciding upon my next tasty victim.

As my husband disappeared to try a different side of vendors, I found myself approaching ‘Daigo Hand Roll Bar’ as though I had naturally selected it without really making any decision at all.

This little grab and go shack was like something I had found previously on the busy streets of Tokyo, whose main aim was to deliver quick, and delicious, handheld food for on the go.

As I approached the bar I was told that they would be closing at 9pm, which was just around the corner, and I realized that my 10pm time I had found online was not going to be a reality.

Quickly, I grabbed a little piece of paper and a pencil, to write down my items as rapidly as I could.

I ordered a salmon and avocado roll, a fatty tuna roll, and a spicy tuna roll; however, I was in such a rush to not miss my little time frame of tasting that I forgot to get a picture of the salmon and spicy tuna, but I did snag a fatty tuna pic before it was too late.

The rolls took seconds to make, bursting with freshness, and where the perfect size for any busy hand to chow down with.

10/10 for convenience and deliciousness.

With my second night in the books I was sad to know the reality of the 9pm close, and told myself that I should get there much earlier the next evening in order to get my last day of feasting done right.

With the lights going down and the hall emptying, I found myself becoming almost upset that I couldn’t try more than a couple of bites, but yet feeling happy that the ones I did try where absolutely delicious beyond belief.

That night I went to sleep dreaming of all the yummy food I’d devour the next evening, and I’m sure you would do the same if you took a trip for yourself.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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