Black Forest Brooklyn, where the brats are big, and the pretzels bigger.

Tonight my husband, myself, and a couple of friends, found ourselves in Black Forest Brooklyn at 733 Fulton St; a German restaurant that we’d heard good things about.

As I opened the door, stepping in out of the rain, I didn’t see any real giveaway signs of it being a German restaurant.

I liked it. In a way I guess we are so used to the German restaurants that stereotypically have the ‘beer hall’ look with servers walking around in Oktoberfest outfits that we now really only associate a German joint with those cheesy staples, when in fact, most great – non touristy – places in Germany are not like that at all from my experience; they are typically just another restaurant like we have here on the streets of Brooklyn, with some amazingly good food.

I felt comfortable here, almost at home, and as I glanced over the menu I was happy to see all of my favorites in black and white.

The week prior to this, in New Jersey, my husband and I had gone to the typical ‘beer hall’ restaurant and had been so disappointed with their service, food, and cost of the whole ordeal, that I was beyond excited to finally get a good currywurst to call my own.

I must say that I did ponder the schnitzel back and forth, but it’s very rare I eat sausages, and the currywurst was calling my name from the moment I opened the door to the restaurant, so the currywurst it was, along with a pretzel big enough to wear as a possible necklace (I’m unsure of what bizarre situation you’d deem a pretzel necklace necessary, but I know you’re imagining it right now as you read this, and you’re thinking of just how big that pretzel would have to be to fit over your head, and now you understand just how big that pretzel truly is, and therefore, my job as a writer is done – ha.)

It was glorious; soft and doughy – sweet and salty – and the only warmth I needed to heat me from the inside out on this rainy, miserable, day.

It’s hard to screw up a pretzel when pretzel making is your thing, and Black Forest Brooklyn definitely succeeded, but with the pretzel being a ‘bite’ before the main we were more than happy with the turn out.

As the pretzel slowly disappeared with every tug, and tear, my currywurst began its journey from the kitchen to my table, and as soon as I set eyes on it I knew it was going to be good.

With the lighting so low, and my flash so bright, it was hard to get a picture that really did this meaty sausage justice.

In Germany, previously, I have received a currywurst that is deep fried with a sauce on top (not much of a fan) but this currywurst was naked, bathing gloriously in its own sweet curry sauce, and I must admit that it was heavenly.

I’d also like to say that the way in which I received this currywurst – naked, not fried, with sauce – is true to the original currywurst that was said to be grilled and topped with sauce in 1949 by Herta Heuwer, who came up with the idea after obtaining ketchup (or Worcester sauce – the verdict is still out) and curry powder from British soldiers in Germany itself.

After reading that Herta Heuwer, at her peak, was selling around 10,000 servings of currywurst a week on the streets of Berlin all those decades ago, it’s no wonder Black Forest Brooklyn decided to go with the original recipe, as I believe it is definitely the most delicious, and I’ll never accept a deep fried currywurst again.

Anyway, back to the dish…. this sausage was big, like a good sausage should be, and as I took my first bite I stopped for a second to make eye contact with my husband, before nodding my approval like a bobble head in the back of a car window.

This is the currywurst I’d be dreaming of, and Black Forest Brooklyn had hit the nail right on the head.

There’s just something about a good comforting meal on a cold rainy day that ticks all of the boxes.

The succulently juicy pork paired so well with the sweet, mild, curry sauce that I couldn’t get enough.

In a way the sauce reminded me almost of a chutney with its sweet taste, and sticky texture, but yet the curry flavor was present, and I noted the underlying tomato notes that came through with every juicy sausage bite.

The currywurst was a huge success, and that was not the only thing stealing the limelight on the plate.

The fries where shoestring style, and they where cooked so perfectly, and crispy, that every bite was audible at the table.

After a few plain fries I did what any normal person would do, and dipped them into the leftover curry sauce, which resulted in my plate being completely empty in less than 10 minutes; these fries where dangerously good, and the sauce seemed to be so delicious that it worked with everything too well (even a little leftover pretzel).

You may be thinking ‘wow, A Hangry Wife has a lot to say on just a currywurst’ but you will have to get yourself to Black Forest Brooklyn to understand it for yourself.

With my plate empty I sat with a liter of German Pilsner, and enjoyed the rest of the evening, and all of the good conversation with good company.

Thank you to Black Forest Brooklyn for fulfilling all of my currywurst needs; you guys did it better than any other stateside German restaurant I’ve had to date.

Until next time,

Stay Hangry – Mrs. Conley.

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