A star find at the Wolf and Deer in Brooklyn, NY.

Tonight was my first night in Brooklyn, and with my husband working I figured I’d check out a local place I’d found on Instagram; Wolf and Deer.

On my ride over in the Uber I wondered if I’d made the right decision going out alone, and I’ll admit that I almost asked the driver to turn around.

As I stepped out of the car into the dark night I noticed a sign which said ‘comedy night’, and I knew right then and there that I had made the right decision.

The inside was a lot smaller than I imagined, but it worked and gave the bar an intimate feel.

All around me couples and friends sat talking, and I felt very conscious of the fact that I was alone – soon that feeling would fade and I’d find myself laughing at the comedy, and drinking wine like a local who belonged right there on that bar stool.

The bar itself was the heart of the whole establishment, so naturally I placed myself at the end of it in order to get a good view of everything going on around me.

It was a busy Sunday night, and later every seat at the bar would be full as the comedy kicked into full swing.

As I took in all of my surroundings, the waiter handed me the menu, which I was very excited to see in a Huckleberry Finn novel.

The only other place I’ve ever seen a menu inside of a Huckleberry Finn novel cover was in Seoul, South Korea; originally I thought it be Taiwan that I had attended the said bar, but a quick look back on my pictures confirms Seoul.

I loved it then and I loved it now; there’s just something so much more entertaining and fun about a menu in a book.

With a glass of Pinot noir on the way I scanned the menu, with a meat and cheese plate in mind; it wasn’t long before I’d made up my mind. Tonight I was having wagyu beef, smoked duck breast, and a Cambert tres latte cheese.

I also noticed that they had a great selection of craft beers, cocktails, and hard liquor to choose from, along with a bunch of food options that all looked too good to be true.

I loved it; the walls where pure brick which I felt gave the wine bar an almost raw feel to it and there was something about just the atmosphere that made it feel welcoming and warm in every essence of the word.

It wasn’t long before my meat and cheese board touched down in front of me, and my eyes instantly darted to the smoked duck breast; if someone had been talking to me at that precise moment I would have no idea what they where saying – it was as if the whole bar disappeared leaving just myself and a delicious meat and cheese board all alone in our own little world.

I know that they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you can’t argue with the pure beauty of this plate.

The wagyu wasn’t what I was expecting, but I kind of liked the salami take they’d done on it and couldn’t wait to try.

I started with the cheese, which was undoubtedly a Camembert in looks but a twist in taste; this cheese was Italian, and the tres latte comes from the use of three milks – cow, goat, and sheep – which added a lot of character and creaminess to this fabulous cheese.

First off I could taste the nutty elements in the cheese, and the funky rind, but compared to traditional Camembert this cheese was milder and sweeter in taste, having an almost floral bite to it, and I could have kicked myself for not enjoying it with a nice glass of white wine instead of red.

Another plus to my delicious board was the bread; it tasted homemade and fresh for that day, which of course was an instant win for me.

I also would like to note that I did try the mustard and raisins, but although delicious, I’m not really a mustard or a raisin type of gal.

Next I tried the wagyu; it was soft and delicate in its salami-esk form and the taste was just how I’d imagined it to be – rich and almost peppery in all its beefy glory – going down a treat with each sip of red wine.

As I finished off the cheese and wagyu I could feel the smoked duck as if it was almost staring right at me; I couldn’t hold off any longer.

It was time… I’d saved the best for last and, oh boy, did I make a good decision; imagine the most succulent piece of duck breast you’ve ever had, now smoke it, slice it, and X the quality by ten – that’s how good this smoked duck breast really was.

I’d go as far as saying it literally melted in my mouth through sheer tenderness, which I’m sure played a part in the ‘buttery’ description on the menu.

The smokiness to the duck was sweet, and as soon as I started I knew it was going to be over too soon; I wanted more, heck, I wanted to eat this smoked duck breast until I couldn’t physically eat anything more.

I also found out that the duck used came from a farm in the Hudson valley – a farm that is completely cage free, antibiotic and steroid free, and let’s the ducks roam around beautiful green fields, so ask me again why that duck was so good!

The quality was sensational and I’m so pleased that Wolf and Deer found Hudson valley duck farm, in order to bring this little slice of heaven right here to Brooklyn, and that they go above and beyond to even be able to have smoked duck and wagyu on their menu.

As the comedy night started I ordered a second glass of wine, and sat back, happily full, in order to watch with my front row seat.

All in all the night at Wolf and Deer was fantastic; it was the perfect solo getaway whilst my husband was working, and I can’t wait to go back and take him too.

If you’re in the Brooklyn area and want to treat yourself to a date night, or even just a solo trip, then definitely head on over to Wolf and Deer.

Don’t worry, you can thank me later!

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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