Miss Worcester diner is DEFINITELY worth the wait!

Today we leave Worcester, Massachusetts and head to Newark, New Jersey.

However, I couldn’t leave without checking out Miss Worcester diner!

I got up at 8am to walk towards a diner I’d heard so much about, along with my friend Jana, and we were not disappointed.

When we arrived we saw a long line waiting, which you can see in the picture above, and I couldn’t believe just how many people where up and about this Sunday morning to enjoy Miss Worcester.

It was the first great sign; if this many people where queuing, on a Sunday morning, then this place must really be something special.

Whilst in line we decided to pull up the menu on our phones and pick our victims.

There was just SO much to choose from, and with their speciality being French toast, they had a whole separate menu that indulged in French toasty delights.

I scanned the French toast menu over and over, looking at all of the different combinations, but decided in the end that it was just too early for all of that deliciously sweet food; I went with the classic eggs benny!

Here’s a few pictures of the menus that I took later when I got inside, I know there’s a lot of pictures here, but trust me when I say it’s worth it to read every single thing; their selection was out of this world!

After 20 minutes of waiting in line with grumbling stomachs we were almost at the front!

In front of us where two gentlemen, who where greeted by their friend, and I remember the conversation vividly.

Gentlemen 1 ‘Wow, there’s a long wait.’

Gentlemen 2 ‘we could always go and get Mexican for breakfast.’

Gentlemen 1 ‘No, this is definitely worth the wait. We’re not getting Mexican.’

All gentlemen nodded in unison and hunkered down in the coats and hats to wait out the line.

That’s when I really started to get excited. Here we were on October 28th, standing out in the cold fall air at 8.45am, both bundled up inside our coats waiting in line with a bunch of people we didn’t know, all excited and sharing a mutual longing for Miss Worcester. We didn’t know anyone, and yet it felt like we were all connected; is there really any way to bring people together as perfectly as some damn good food? I think not.

Suddenly the door swung open the guys in front of us entered the diner.

We where next!

I hopped back and forth from one foot to the other, and inhaled as the smell of bacon from the open door danced towards us, almost teasing it’s way down the line.

It smelt SO good!

It was only a few more minutes before the door opened once more, and we were on our way to breakfast heaven.

As soon as I stepped over the threshold of this little diner cart which originated in the 1930s (although it wasn’t under the Miss Worcester name then) I instantly said ‘wow’.

It was an amusement park for your eyes!

Everywhere I looked their was something new, it was warm, it was homey, and everyone was smiling and laughing as though nothing could be wrong in the world; this was a special ‘one of a kind’ place.

‘Miss Worcester’ got her name in 1950, after previously being called ‘Star Diner’. And I’m pretty sure nothing much has really changed since then.

Sure, they’ve updated and kept it in fantastic condition, but it literally felt as though we were teleported back in time.

It was so personal in the small space that all around I felt as though pure happiness was just radiating from the customers.

Myself, and Jana, sat at the very end of the long marble breakfast bar, which was filled to the brim with patrons.

As soon as we were sat in our seats, I tapped Jana on the arm and said ‘look to your left’.

Our view from the end seats, of the whole countertop, was definitely the best in the house.

It was food bliss; all of the different dishes looked fantastic, big beyond belief, and were definitely making this Hangry wife’s mouth water.

I knew that I had already decided on eggs benny, but I couldn’t resist having one more look at the menu.

The waitress came and asked us if we’d like any drinks, and asked us if we had tried the French toast.

She reiterated what we knew, and assured us they where famous for their crispy French toasts, but my heart was sold on the eggs benny.

With a fresh coffee in front of me, and a fresh tea in front of Jana, we placed our orders.

I noticed a sign above the counter which stated that they only accepted cash, but they had conveniently placed an ATM for their customers to use – good thinking.

In a way the cash only added to the whole ‘old’ feeling of the place and I loved every ounce of it.

To the left, at the opposite end of the marble countertop, I saw a lady who I’ve heard is nicknamed ‘the rocket’ whipping up all kinds of awesome on the grill.

I wished so badly that we had been placed in front of it, so I could see all of the action; she was flipping and cooking away in record time, making everything look so effortless and smooth.

With my curiosity peaking at every flip of every item on the grill I asked a waiter if he would be kind enough to maybe take my phone and snap a few pictures; he got some amazing shots.

This one is hands down my favorite.

The potatoes looked so good I could hardly wait. At one point I saw a cook carrying a huge tray of them, throwing them onto the corner of the grill, and squeezing a bottle of freshly melted butter all over them; it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a while.

I wanted every single potato on that grill in my face hole!

This place was a foodies dream come true.

A few minutes later I saw our Eggs Benedict making its way towards us, and I sat bolt upright in my seat, trying not to get too excited.

It was beautiful!

If I where to advertise eggs Benedict with one single picture, this would be it; they had plated it so perfectly that I literally could not remember another Benedict I’d had that looked this alarmingly good.

The first bite was everything I’d ever wanted and more; the hollandaise was so creamy, thick, and wholesome that I found myself wanting to order just a cup of the sauce to take home with me; I would happily eat it for every meal.

The ham was also a win; this wasn’t just any packet ham or deli meat…

This ham was more of a gammon; thick, salty, and so tender you didn’t even need the knife to cut through it, my fork slid easily as though it was a match made in heaven.

If there’s one thing I appreciate it’s attention to detail and quality. Each item on this dish had been made in a certain way that was, in my eyes, the perfect way for each item to be cooked in order to propel it into another level that was better than any other way of preparation.

Each item of food had been given its own love and attention, before being placed upon the plate to complete a tastebud explosion of a dish.

The eggs where poached to perfection, and I was happy to note that I tasted no vinegar.

A lot of the time when I have poached eggs, I get those vinegary after tones from the poaching process, and sometimes it’s not so good; these eggs where fluffy little bundles of eye candy, with not a single hint of vinegar, which was like a gift from the eggy gods for an egg slut like me.

I also appreciated how good the English muffin on the bottom was; it was the perfect vessel to carry all of its toppings into my mouth, and became the perfect sponge for all of the hollandaise that had tried to get away – I really wish I’d asked if they had made the English muffins in-house, because they tasted way better than any other store bought ones I’ve tried.

It didn’t take long before I slammed a whole muffin, and it’s voyagers, into my mouth in an excited frenzy, leaving me with one lonely fella left on my plate.

The eggs where so yolky that I couldn’t resist getting a picture of that popped yolk for you; it literally cascaded down the ham and muffin like an elegant waterfall.

As I stashed away mounds and mounds of eggs Benedict into my stomach, I realized that I had yet to try the potatoes.

I stabbed the first one with my fork, making sure to drag it through the hollandaise multiple times in order to cover every inch of it with delicious sauce, and then took my first bite.

The only other potatoes I’ve had close to these are the ones my Mother makes when I go home to England, and I instantly felt like I’d found a little slice of home here in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Even though I was sad my husband couldn’t be here to experience such a great diner, due to work commitments, I was so happy to be here with Jana and enjoying this little gem of a find in this fun city.

Here’s a picture we took after receiving our food only seconds before.

This was pre destruction…

With almost the whole of my plate gone, and three cups of coffee consumed, I finally put down my knife and fork; I couldn’t physically fit anymore in… Miss Worcester had won.

This was worth every single second of standing out in the cold, in fact, I’d happily stand here for an hour or more just to get my hands on more of their food.

Leaving Miss Worcester was a hard task, I can’t tell you how much I wish this could be my local diner.

Back out in the cold, ready to set off home, I saw that the line had continued to grow; this diner really was bumping.

To all of the amazing staff who spent their time this morning bringing us a slice of happiness, I thank you.

We really had the perfect Sunday morning on those two bar seats at the end of the marble counter top.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley

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  1. Tayla says:

    Hey girl! Thank you so much for your Miss Worcester review!! This is your waitress from the other day and I wanted to say it means a lot to hear how much you enjoyed your experience .. Kim (the badass owner and cook) wanted me to extend the thanks to you as well!
    Come again soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tayla,
      Thank you so much for reaching out. Jana and I had such a great time at Miss Worcester and can’t wait to get back one day. Thank you so much to yourself and Kim for making our Sunday morning the best morning of the week; I know by the time this Sunday rolls around I will be wishing I was back in Miss Worcester’s Diner!


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