Zack’s taco shack; changing your life, one taco at a time.

This week in Tannersville, PA my husband and I stopped off at Zack’s taco shack on Camelback road.

I’ve heard so many good things about this taco shack from everyone we know, and from my husband who has been multiple times, so of course I just had to go and see for myself.

Let me start off by saying that it is literally a shack; they have no indoor seating, and at the small counter window you can order you tacos to go, or you can sit outside under the cover and eat tacos on their great picnic tables.

The day was crisp, and fall was all around us, so both myself and my husband agreed we’d be taking our order to go.

I had waited so long to try these tacos, and as I took a deep breath up on that porch I suddenly became ravenous with hanger at all of the delicious smells; I was definitely in for a treat.

The shack is cash only, and they help by having an ATM on site, but at $3 a taco (bargain) I couldn’t resist a good feast.

‘Let’s pull out $80’ I said frankly to my husband.

At first he looked over at me, wondering just how many tacos I was planning on consuming but knowing me well enough to not question my judgement.

Of course I wasn’t going to eat $80 worth of tacos, but I’d like to have the option – ha.

The menu looked so ridiculously appetizing that I had to really focus and tell myself it was a taco Tuesday, and I couldn’t get carried away with all of the other choices.

I didn’t hesitate; I wanted ALL of them, including the special.

With my mind made up I walked to the cute little ordering window and asked for 1 special of the day, 1 pork carne asada, and 1 slow braised chicken with churros for dessert; I was ready.

In a way I fell in love with this shack and it’s ordering system.

There are no waiters and waitresses, there are no long waits for tables, and you can take your food to go and eat in your preferred space. It’s genius and it’s quick.

Another thing that I really liked was their self service sauce bar.

It was minimalistic, with two choices of sauce – a hot and a medium – and you could take as little or as much as your heart desired.

Sometimes when the restaurant add the sauce they don’t quite get it just the way you want it, so I really appreciate the option of being able to sort all of my own condiments out.

Suddenly our food was up, in the blink of an eye, and we were set to go.

It was the perfect timing, as the crisp fall breeze whipped through the shack, for a taco feast.

I was so eager to get my hands on one, or even just see one, that I almost knocked them out of my husbands hands trying to get a sneak peek.

The wait was killing me!!

I pranced towards the Jeep in an excited dance, and threw myself into the front seat; I was ready and waiting.

It literally felt like a whole year passed watching my husband arrange the tacos into trays so that we could both have a tray each – good thinking.

I stretched closer to try and see the details like an inpatient child, but my husband shooed me away back to my side of the car.

Up first were the carna asada pork tacos, and they where gloriously stuffed.

I could hardly believe how stuffed they where for $3, it was taco heaven!

I wondered at first if I’d enjoy the pickled red onions, but decided to try the taco as it was made; trusting Zack and his judgment.

I also enjoyed the double layer of taco shell with every taco; you could eat them as one whole taco, or leave one at the bottom to catch the drippings – creating a second taco – ha.

The first bite was EVERYTHING.


The queso fresco was salty, creamy, and perfect to go with the roasted garlic salsa, smoked cayenne pepper sour cream, and cilantro oil as a topping.

The pork was so perfectly cooked that it melted in my mouth with all of those delicious flavors bursting like fireworks with every chew.

The taco was sheer perfection in looks, taste, and texture.

I’m presuming all of the topping are homemade because I’ve never had such flavorful fillers on a taco outside of Mexico.

The carne asada pork taco was a HIT! I wanted more, but knew I had to move on.

Onto the special of the day!

Hmmm, I was skeptical.

I’ll admit that I’ve never had a meatless taco, and I didn’t think it would be on my list anytime soon.

There’s nothing wrong with meatless that’s for sure, but it just never really crossed my mind to get anything but a meaty stuffed shell for my taco adventures.

To the eyes it looked pretty good; I could see heaps of pico de Gallo with beautifully fresh green avocado intertwined, all on top of the deep fried tempura avocado which was popping out underneath.

It was time for a taste test.

The pico added a nice kick to the top with a fraction of heat, and the tempura batter on the avocado almost reminded me a little of the churro taste; it was good.

If I could not, or chose not, to eat meat I would be very happy with this taco.

It was filling too, and definitely another bargain for your buck at the sheer size of it; they went down a treat.

Last but not least on our taco feast came the slow braised chicken.

If you where to be handed a carne asada and a slow braised chicken, not knowing which was which, you would have a hard time telling them apart; they’re literally identical apart from a slight color difference to the meat that you really have to get down in there to see.

Once again all the flavors of the delicious homemade toppings where perfect in every way; in fact I’d go as far as saying it’s the best toppings on any taco I’ve had stateside so far.

The chicken was flavorful and cooked perfectly in order to guarantee it didn’t dry out in the long process.

I really can’t decide whether the chicken taco, or the pork taco, won the fight for number 1; they where both amazing in their own way and I was happily stuffed to the brim.

I also would like to note that I did not use any of the side sauces I had taken from the self serve counter, as the toppings used on the taco where just so good; they literally needed nothing adding because it was so perfect to begin with.

I sat back in my seat, full to almost full capacity, and took a few moments to really savor the feast I’d just destroyed.

Slowly I rolled a churro out of the packet; my time was not up yet, and smiled at how warm and perfect it looked.

In an attempt to not get any ants in the Jeep, I stepped outside into the cold fall chill, and got ready to eat that delicious looking churro.

The sugar literally poured to the floor with every touch; this churro was loaded.

I also noticed that some of the sugar seemed pink slightly, maybe it was the light?

My first bite confirmed something special about the sugar selection, it was the perfect churro; crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

I literally had sugar all over my lips and fingers by the end of the one single churro, and thanked myself for getting out of the car.

With my stomach full, my heart happy, and a new gem of a find on my ‘favorites’ list, we left Zack and his taco shack behind.

12/10 for overall marks; you HAVE to make a trip to Tannersville and check out this little shack that is making dreams come true.

We’ll be back, you can bet on that.

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Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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  1. BD says:

    Best taco place in the POCONOS. I have eaten there numerous times and especially enjoy the vegan tacos. I would highly recommend the watablishment conveniently rift down the street from camelback resort. 10 out of 10 for me 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely my new favorite spot! I can’t wait to get back for more. Thanks so much for the recommendation, I’m always looking for new places to check out and visit!


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