Tröegs brewing; a home away from home. Hershey, PA

This week we are so happy to be back in Hershey, Pennsylvania and back at Tröegs.

This city and brewery hold a lot of love for us, for many reasons; we got married in Hershey, our wedding beer was all Tröegs beer, Tröegs is one of the first dates my husband took me on, and it’s our first port of call every time we enter the city.

There’s just no other love like the Tröegs love.

Here’s a picture of my husband and I, a day before our wedding, taking one of many cart loads of beer to the car for our beautiful barn wedding back in 2017.

My favorite beer to date is definitely ‘First Cut’ a mango IPA which is so deliciously good that we had almost 3 cases of it for our wedding, and they all got drowned within one hour; every year when First Cut is released I have the most wonderful flashbacks to our big day and I’m forever grateful this delicious beer is in existence.

The brewery itself uses all local ingredients, and no matter how many times I visit their menu is always changing to try new and exciting recipes.

They’re not only master brewers, they are masters of the culinary world too.

The brewery is nice and open, giving it a warehouse feel as soon as you walk in the door; all around you sits fully functioning brewing equipment that is being used in house as you slurp up the good stuff.

Opening originally in 1996 by the two Trogner brothers; it’s said the name Tröegs came from the Dutch word for pub ‘kroeg’ and their last name being mixed together…. and so Tröegs was born.

Since 1996 it’s come a long long way.

One of my favorite things about the brewery is that the food side of it is based off of a order and pick up system. You simply go to the ‘snack bar’ pick out your food, receive a buzzer, and go back when your call is up.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s a no BS system that really keeps the line moving and gives you time to drink your beer whilst you wait. They, of course, also have the option for you to sit down and be waited on; a waiter is never far away to freshen up your beer, or to get you another helping of delicious food.

I also like how they have two different ordering positions for the food and the beer, that way the line will never build up to an uncontrollable wait or mess that will cause havoc in the space.

I still remember the first time I ever entered Tröegs brewery, and I was surprised to see the food counter called ‘snack bar’. To me, a British girl, a snack bar is packets of crisps and sweets that are easily eaten; I was curious to see just what they called a ‘snack bar’ and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It definitely does not offer just snacks; instead this little cafe like section to the brewery offers high class, fine dining options and comfort food favorites that will absolutely blow your mind.

There hasn’t been a single trip to the brewery that has left me eating the same thing twice.

From fresh oysters, to duck confit, to pheasant and butternut ravioli, to lamb shanks, and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches the side of a door wedge…. they literally never cease to amaze me every single time.

Take a look at some of these dishes and tell me they’re not the most epic brewery eats you’ve ever seen!

I think of Tröegs as a home away from home, because no matter the weather or the time of year, Tröegs is always there to greet you with open arms; it stays the same and yet changes with every passing year. I find myself being reassured that I will get good quality food that has been planned out, thought of carefully, and executed to perfection.

The same applies for their beers; they’re always experimenting, they always have something fun and new, and yet the classic favorites never seem to amaze me – with every trip my love grows stronger.

Another plus is all of the beautiful outside seating.

Back in 2017 we sat on the deck area outside enjoying the view of the beautiful green hills across the street, basking in the sun, and this year we where happy to see a fire pit had been added with seating that would surely be perfect for a crisp fall night.

Whether I’m visiting Tröegs because I’m passing through, or I’m visiting multiple times in one week, I can never resist their onsite Tröegs store.

They go above and beyond making lip balms, soaps, clothing, towels, blankets, mugs, cups, glassware, and they always have great beer to take away in 4-6 packs, and crates.

I have yet to meet anyone with a bad word to say about Tröegs, and I doubt I ever will.

Another cool addition this year that I haven’t noticed before is their self guided walkthrough of the brewing system.


You can grab a beer and walk around, only to be able to take the same journey that your delicious brew had made previously on its path to creation.

Follow the signs, read every piece of information, and be blown away by just how much love, effort, and attention is put into this brewery in order to show the consumer that they really are going above and beyond to make your time here as good as possible.

Also, why not take a guided brew tour? Every single visit so far has always included seeing at least one tour set off on the journey of craft beer brewing, taking them above the bar and up through all the different steps.

I feel as though many other breweries could learn a thing or two from Tröegs.

The staff always have time for you, they always greet you with a smile, and make you feel as though you – you alone – are the most important person in that brewery.

This year I really wanted the beef tongue tacos, and I was devastated to find out they had completely sold out of them!

The chef was so apologetic and nice that I realized in the end that it didn’t even matter, because why get upset with one menu item when the others where just as good.

Every time we leave I have to remind myself that we will be back. To be without Tröegs brews for more than a year is pretty miserable, but I’m happy to be finding them around a few different stores on the east coast, which is more than helping curb my addiction on the off time, but still… nothing ever beats coming ‘home’.

Take a look at the beer menu from our latest trip; my husband is a huge fan of the freaky peach.

If you live near Hershey, or even if you bring your kids to the chocolate world, you really need to make a pit stop at Tröegs; you haven’t experienced the real Hershey until you’ve spend some time within its walls.

Even if you decide you don’t want to drink beer, and opt for a soda, then that’s fine too, because the food will surely be better than most restaurants around.

Take a step to the snack bar and enjoy high class culinary delights at reasonable prices in an environment that oozes warmth.

Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

Tröegs, until next time, you are forever a beautiful treat and our wedding day wouldn’t have been complete without your delicious beer.

See you next time,

Mrs. Conley

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