USS vessel avocado sailed in for a visit at Sagrado, Miami FL.

This morning I woke up feeling a little post getaway blues from our trip to Key west. My husband was at work early and I found myself in the room alone staring at walls and Hangry as ever.

I did a quick search online, confident that food would instantly uplift my spirits, and scrolled upon Sagrado.

It was an instant hit. Their food looked beyond good, and it was close to my current accommodation; winning at life.

A quick walk – or bake – in the Miami Heat was all it took until I was standing outside of Sagrado, with my spirits already higher, and my stomach rumbling for a party.

Inside was gorgeously beautiful; I instantly felt at home and chose my seat on the opposite side of the restaurant where I knew I could be in private.

I picked up the menu and was so shocked to see just how many different dishes they served, I mean, this list was phenomenal! A pure breakfast heaven with all the best options.

I’m talking crepes, to waffles, to avocado toast, to sandwiches, to omelettes, to açaí bowls, to wellness juices, to salads, and just about anything you can imagine.

I instantly knew what I wanted….

I’m such a fan of avocado toast that I simply cannot pass it up, and it’s my second favorite breakfast after a good ol’ Benedict.

The description had me drooling,

‘sesame toast, tomatoes confit, burrata cheese, avocado & micro-greens.’

It was everything I had wanted and more, and the fact I could add a poached egg to the order made all my Hangry dreams come true; I was beyond ready as I ordered a latte to go alongside.

Sat patiently waiting for my breakfast to arrive I noticed that the kitchen was right in front of me, and I could watch the talent unfold into my dish; how interactive! It was genius, what better way to include you in the whole meal than to watch it actually being prepared?

My latte arrived shortly after, and I was puzzled to see it in a to-go cup, when I had no intentions of leaving. Slightly confused and wondering where my mug was, I took a first sip and breathed a sigh of relief at that deliciously creamy latte.

I wondered if maybe they didn’t have a mug big enough for the large latte, which would explain the to go cup, but it would have been nice of the waiter to say so.

However, it was not a big deal at all because the latte was so deliciously good that I didn’t care what kind of cup it came in.

Shortly after my latte was in the process of disappearing, my avocado toast with poached egg arrived.

It was so big that my mouth literally dropped wide open; this thing was not just a slice of toast…. this was a toast slice on steroids; it was crazily big – I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

The presentation was so beautiful that I almost didn’t even want to eat it.

It’s hard to see in the picture just how big this dish was, but I’d go as far as saying it was the size of my forearm for sure.

As I cut into the sesame toast with my special knife that was only used elsewhere at the restaurant for steaks, I noticed just how thick that smashed avocado was. I’d go as far as saying there was around 3 avocados worth piled elegantly on top of that deliciously crispy bread.

I worried at first that the bread would be hard to chew, but it was the perfect consistency, hard on the outside and delicately soft on the inside.

The flavors burst with explosion in every bite. The delicious lemon spiked through the creamy avocado, as the burrata added even more creaminess, and the tomatoes wereso juicy that they were dripping from my fork.

The egg wasn’t runny, as it was poached for a while, but it was still fantastic and I could tell that all of the ingredients where of the best quality.

Every slice of my knife into the avocado made me more and more shocked at just how thick this thing was. When I say it was big I mean BIG; this wasn’t an avocado toast, this was the USS navy vessel avocado #1.

In-fact, this was a whole cruise line!

Halfway through I began to struggle, and I once again wished my stomach would be so much bigger.

Sat there alone at the table I was almost sad that I didn’t have anyone with me to experience the beauty that was Sagrado’s avocado heaven.

This was hands down the best avocado toast I had ever had in my life, and with each continued bite I willed myself to keep on going as far as I could.

The dish was truly never ending, and I loved combining all of the different flavors with each mouthful.

One bite would consist of avocado toast and tomatoes, the next – avocado toast and burrata, the next – avocado toast and poached egg, and finally everything all on one fork to smash into my mouth.

No matter how I constructed my bite there was never a bad combination; it really was the best breakfast I’d had in so so long.

With every sip of latte and every bite of the dish I came closer and closer to my demise; and the unavoidable point of no return.

I stopped about halfway through, proud of the dent I had made upon the plate, and decided to wave my white flag of surrender.

I was completely stuffed full to the brim, unable to possibly fit in another bite. I had been defeated.

And so the plate rested in its final form in front of me as I waited for the check; it had been a good ride and I knew next time I’d fit more in.

I still could not, and still cannot, get over the sheer size of the dish; I have told everyone and anyone about it and hope they too can go and experience the beautiful masterpiece of culinary creations that is Sagrado!

Thank you so much for making this Hangry Wife one happy lady.

15/10 for presentation, taste, quality, and great sizes for the price.

You are hands down my favorite breakfast spot in Miami.

Get yourself to Sagrado tomorrow; don’t wait!

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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