Livin’ the island life, drinkin’ the local beer at Florida Keys brewing company.

As our island life was gradually coming to an end, and we were making our way back towards Miami from Key West, I couldn’t help but to try and desperately cling onto it in any way possible.

The drive to our hotel in Miami was just over 3 hours long, making this pitstop at Florida Keys Brewing a perfectly justifiable pop in right at the 2 hour mark.

Instantly I fell in love, as soon as I opened the door; the inside was so colorful and beautiful that you couldn’t help but smile like a giddy kid in a candy shop.

I noticed quickly that one of my favorite features were the light shades hanging above the tie dye bar; they were shaped in the style of a hop, and I swear on my life they were the cutest brewery lights I’d ever seen.

The staff where extremely friendly and greeted us with smiles to match our own.

The list of beer was impressive for this roadside brewery and taproom, and I struggled to know where to begin.

A short while passed before I asked to try the Mango starfruit sour – not for me.

Next I tried to Great pumpkins demise – also not for me.

In the end my husband and I both got a Strawberry basil sour.

Let me try and explain the brilliance of this drink in a way that will almost have you tasting it.

Imagine I just picked a handful of fresh basil, and I’m smoking a strawberry vape pen.

Right as I smash the fresh basil into your face aggressively I instantly blow a cloud of strawberry haze along with it.

See, now you know.

The smell is so powerful that it literally attack’s your nostrils in the most beautifully way I’ve ever experienced in my life.

This drink was gold.

In fact, I’ve had many basil strawberry sours before, but this one is hands down my favorite to date.

The kick of basil and strawberry is followed by a sour bite that pops right after you swallow each irresistible sip.

We loved this beer so much that we actually filled two 64oz growlers with it to take back to Miami.

This brewery bursts with fun, from the cool colors and tie dye style, to the fantastic beers they have to offer, and Scruffy the bird who lives outside and likes to sing and bite fingers!

Here’s a few pictures so your imagination can take a break, and you can see the real deal.

Out back they also had a very nice garden area, which was just as colorful as the rest of the brewery.

We decided to give it a go, but only lasted around 10 minutes before that Florida heat had Niagara Falls making its way down our backs, and we eagerly retreated back into the glorious AC.

I loved how friendly the staff where at the brewery, and not a moment went by where you felt unnoticed or like you were being forgotten. 10/10 for service and atmosphere.

Our trip was short, as we had a deadline for dinner plans back in Miami, and I was sad when we had to leave.

Earlier in the day we had enjoyed a beautiful bbq at Fort Zachary Taylor beach in Key West, and had decided right there and then on the golden sand that this pit stop was a must for our ride back; we had made good choices all day.

Here’s a couple of pictures from our bbq trip.

If you find yourself near Florida Keys brewing then I urge you to go and check it out.

It’s fun, it’s fabulous, it’s delicious, and it’s everything and more for a pit stop in and out of Key West.

Thank you Florida Keys brewing, you made this Hangry Wife’s drive back to Miami a pleasant one, and I’ll be sipping that strawberry basil sour for the rest of the week until I cry over the last drop when I still wish I was livin’ the island life, and drinkin’ the local beer.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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