Happy hour heaven in Key West, Florida at the Blue Macaw Island eatery.

I’m so excited to say that my husband and I visited Key West for a mini one night getaway this week; it was absolutely fabulous and everything we needed to relax away from work.

Aware that the sun was due to set in a couple of hours, we wanted to go somewhere fun beforehand, and as usual we were ready to destroy some food and drink some great drinks.

Enter Bahama village market with Blue Macaw island eats, and their happy hour….

Unmissable in the great Bahama market area that stretches around 16 blocks; the Bloody Mary bar is visible from the street and the live music can be heard for a block or two.

The inside wasn’t too busy, but I loved how open it was. They had wooden chairs, open aired seating, a bar, a Bloody Mary bar, and great 90s music live all night.

As soon as we sat down I could see my husband eyeing the Bloody Mary bar, and couldn’t wait to see what concoctions they had to offer.

Within seconds our lovely waitress was at the table offering us menus and telling us all about their AMAZING happy hour.

No matter what you were in the mood for, they had it, and the happy hour was so amazing that we didn’t even look at the main menu in the end.

For $3 you could get a house gin drink, vodka, rum, bottled beer, wine and bloody Mary’s – wow.

My jaw almost dropped to the table as I excitedly ordered a gin and soda water, and my husband a Bloody Mary using Tito’s vodka, along with a land shark as a sidecar.

The food on happy hour was also fantastic. The plates were featured on the main menu, but for happy hour they plummeted to half the price. Score!

We eagerly ordered heirloom tomato bruschetta and guacamole and chips to nibble with our drinks.

If the pictures were enough to get you excited then I hope the 4pm-9pm happy hour time sent you wild. 5 whole hours of awesome fun; we’d definitely picked a gem.

My gin was strong, my husbands spicy Bloody Mary ‘really great’ in his words, and the service quick.

As we sat together on our little table under the palm tree, basking in the sun, and sipping on our drinks, it was great to just relax and listen to the live music which we learnt was present literally every single day – how fun!

Singing away to some classic country songs I barely noticed when the food arrived, and quickly sat up in my chair to get myself, and my rapidly disappearing gin, out of the way.

Oh boy, did it look good!

I had the fork in my hand already as I ordered a second gin and soda water, and barely waited for the waitress to leave before tucking in.

It was nothing crazy, and nothing fancy, but it was absolutely perfect for our pre-sunset nibble that we’d planned on.

The guacamole was undoubtedly homemade and not that awful canned slop that you get at numerous places; this guacamole was deliciously perfect with its creamy texture and added vegetable crunch.

There’s always something about guacamole that lures me in whenever I’m looking for a quick bite. The flavor alone is always a win when done right, and this one was so yummy that I noticed my husband and I were silently competing over guacamole consumption to guarantee we got equal amounts.

My favorite part about the heirloom bruschetta was that the whole dish was almost a ‘construct your own’ style. The tomato mix was not added before hand, meaning the garlic rustic bread was still crispy and fresh for you to make your own and hasn’t yet become soggy to the tomato juices.

My first mouthful of tomatoes made my eyes pop wide; the mix of different tomatoes bursted with flavor, and my mouth began to water at just how fresh they actually where.

Between that delicious crunch of the bread, and the earthy tomato goodness, it was hard to stop after I reached my halfway sharing mark.

If you find yourself in Key West between 4pm and 9pm then make sure you check out Blue Macaw.

There’s nothing fancy, there’s nothing crazy, and it isn’t a place I’d go for a dinner time meal, but for their happy hour prices and quality? It cannot be beat!

Also, who doesn’t love a Bloody Mary bar? It’s practically a pit stop heaven for quick bites and strong beverages in-between meals or as a snack to keep you going.

It was such a great choice for us before we headed to the end of the island to watch the sunset with some more drinks that I was proud of our discovery.

Thank you Blue Macaw for an express experience of fun and great value for our money.

Our total bill came to less than $25 for two appetizer dishes, a Bloody Mary, two gin and soda waters, and a bottle of beer.

What a bargain!

Here’s a couple of pictures from our beautiful evening sunset which followed.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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