Food trucks and craft brews in Fort Myers, Florida. An epic day with epic eats.

This week my husband and myself were ready to explore Fort Myers and all of its delicious treats.

Our search for everything craft beer and epic eats lead us right to Fort Myers brewing where we’d heard a food truck rally was going down; of course it was instantly a YES!

As the Jeep rolled to a stop at what seemed to be an industrial estate, I noticed the sky was filled with dark looming clouds; threatening to let go any second.

The brewery was right in front of us surrounded by 3 of the 5 food trucks that would make an appearance that day, and with the excitement of a small child I almost skipped towards the door; not even bad weather could bring me down.

The first thing I noticed was all of the green; it stood out like a sore thumb against the back black and it just so happens to be my husbands favorite color. I loved it. It was modern, it was vibrant, it was classy, and I had all my hopes high for this brewery that started as just one small building and now consumed a whole warehouse after huge success.

The AC hit as soon as the door swung open (typical Florida) and the inside was wide and open as if we’d just walked into a car garage.

My husbands first choice of beer was a mango habanero beer, and mine a take on a classic Mexican lager. I needed something light and easy to drink if I was going to go for gold and last the night; it turns out that the Mexican lager was the perfect choice.

In fact, it was such an easy drinker, and less than 5% that I could have happily chugged it away in a few mouthfuls.

My husband however took more than a sip of his and instantly coughed; they did not lie when they mentioned the habanero in the name. A whiff of the glass was all it took for me to decided I wouldn’t be trying it, but I could smell the delicious mango oozing out of its depths, and I wished I liked spice so I could give it a try.

As we sat down with our beers I could feel the rain before it arrived, big heavy drops began to fall, and we decided it was time to move inside before we got drenched to the core.

The rain didn’t last long and I give the food trucks credit for riding out the torrential rain, and even more credit to the remaining 2 trucks that arrived and set up as the downpour was at its peak – yuck!

With a beer each we watched the whole show from inside the warmth of the brewery, eager to see what delicious foods would await us.

My first beer seemed to only inhabit my glass a mere 5 minutes as I became engulfed in conversation with my husband, and surprisingly I took a last sip before realizing there was nothing left.

Back to the bar it was; this time for a citrusy light wheat beer that was even more of an easy drinker than the first, and an IPA for my better half.

As our second beers began to empty, the rain seemed to understand too and disappeared.

Hello, sun. I could barely wait for the server to pour our third beers before heading outside to see all of the delicious food that would await us.

We’d figured out a game plan as we watched the rain, and we had agreed on trying the best looking dish from each truck and splitting it down the middle so that we could get the best of both worlds.

It was a plan destined to succeed.

Our first port of call was ‘Nosh Truck’. Their menu stretched from korean tacos, to pad Thai burgers, Vietnamese Banh mai chicken sandwiches, to the classic cheeseburger. The choice really was fantastic, and as our first choice of the day I had incredibly high hopes.

We pondered for what seemed like 2 seconds – all of the food looked amazing – but nothing could stop me from ordering some delicious Korean bbq pork tacos. I wanted them like I’d never wanted tacos before, and my stomach echoed my decision with hungry longing pains.

Sold. One korean bbq pork taco tray to go please!

We were given a number and before we’d even had chance to settle back into our seats, our number was up.

I ran, leaving my husband sitting in the dust, and returned with a huge grin and two stuffed tacos to show for it.

With a taco in one hand and a beer in another my husband and I nodded as both took the first bite.


I don’t know what they marinated the pork in but it was unquestionably the best korean pulled pork I’d had in a long time. The juices oozed out of the sides and down my hand as my tray collected each and every one of them making it a little juicy vessel that I’d continue to dip into before each bite. Oh, and did I mention the kick? That hint of spice clawed at the back of your throat, not enough to scare you away, but enough to satisfy any spice level.

The Asian slaw paired perfectly with each crunchy bite. Between the top crunch and the soft juicy bottom I believe that Nosh truck was giving us a peak into a small taste of heaven.

with my last bite in my mouth, and pork juice dripping from my hand, I was ready to continue the tasting and pick the next victim.

Our next stop on our food adventure was Nonno Gino’s! An Italian truck that had all the flavors of Italy to offer on its menu. Once again I was amazed at just how full and delicious the menu was, these guys really did mean business.

My inner self was so tempted to go for the yummy chicken parm calzone and my fat kid screamed for me to get the lasagne wrap, but in true teamwork spirit Team Conley chose the chicken Florentine to split down the middle and try together.

It was not a decision we regretted. The service was incredibly quick, and as the lady walked towards us with a steaming dish of tastebud fun, my husband met her halfway. We took it in turns; my husband ate a chicken breast and some couscous first – as I watched eagerly for his every reaction on each and every bite – and then he passed the tray to me.

The first bite of chicken was so tender and cheesy that I literally made a ‘mmmm’ noise as I chewed happily away. The white wine bursted with flavor cutting through the earthiness of the spinach and sage with perfect contrast.

A taste of Italy was right here in Fort Myers in the parking lot of the brewery, and as we scraped the remaining couscous – taking it in turns for mouthfuls – I began to look around for the next truck as my husband went to refill our beers.

With my next Mexican lager in hand I walked towards Red Roc, petting all the cute brewery pups on the way.

It was time to switch to Mexican food as well as beer, and as my husband told me to have a blast and order whatever my heart desired, I scanned the vast menu for deliciousness.

We’d had Italian, we’d had tacos, and deep down I knew it was now time for a sharing burrito.

Although the El Toro burrito sounded amazing with its chorizo, sour cream, and Mexican rice, I just couldn’t resist the sound of the wet burrito.

I won’t lie when I say the name made me feel a little weird as I imagined a soggy burrito weighing close to the weight of a newborn baby, but I sucked it up and ordered anyway.

My first thoughts; THIS THING IS HUGE!

I’m so glad my husband and I where taking this whole day as a sharing day, because there’s no way I would have made it through 2 trucks solo, let alone 5! Being married is being reassured that your partner in crime and best friend will forever be there to tackle every food truck feast you’ll ever take on and you’ll have a blast while you’re doing it.

With half a burrito in hand we dug in and got started on our third truck of the night.

Holy moly burrito bliss. This wasn’t just any burrito, it was the god of all burritos.

Although it seemed huge to look at, the tortilla was so light and fluffy that it barely felt as though it touched the sides at all.

The beef had some kind of taco style seasoning on it that resembled the same kind of flavors I’d had countless times on my trips to Mexico.

One side would explode with rice, cheese and pico de Gallo, and the other with juicy mouthwatering beef. Each bite left me nodding over and over again as to just how good this whole thing was. The flavors where a match made in heaven, and each bite didn’t seem to overfill me anymore than the first. This strangely light burrito became better and better with every single bite, and I realized at the end the true meaning behind the ‘wet’ name.

My hands where once again dripping with greasy bliss, and I watched excitedly as much husband shared the same experience with his half.

Between the amazing beers of Fort Myers brewing, and all of these mind blowing food trucks that seemed to have no faults – this night was hands down the best one I’d had in a long time and I hoped it would never end.

With two more food trucks to visit I decided to spend some time walking around the lot in order to meet all the fun brew puppies that had made it out for the event. I played with all different kinds of breeds, got licked by many different characters, and cuddled every single doggo that crossed my path.

The darkness of night was starting to creep over Fort Myers but that didn’t stop the fun as we continued onto the last two trucks.

Our second to last stop was a truck called Gator Johns bbq.

Their menu was short and sweet but bursting with yummy choices left, right, and center.

I was sad to see alligator wasn’t on the menu, but wondered if this time they’d ran out.

Looking past my gator woes I scanned the menu for what I thought would be a good choice, and as my eyes landed on the brisket I remembered my husband telling me he loved a brisket when it was done right.

Sold. Brisket sandwich it was; Gator johns bbq was about to be tried and tested.

The sandwich I received weighed more than I expected, and I quickly squirted a sweet bbq sauce onto one side of the tray, and a spicy bbq onto the other side – eager to get back to my husband.

My eyes where greedily staring at that deliciously steaming tray as I slid a knife seamlessly through the middle. This was going to be another messy one on the hands, so I opted for a knife and fork.

It didn’t take me long, the smoky brisket was extremely good, and the bun so soft and airy that it picked up every bit of juice that heavenly meat had to offer.

The sweet bbq sauce was hands down my favorite dipping choice for this bbq masterpiece, and I dipped and dipped until I couldn’t dip anymore…. sending me back to the truck for another generous squirt of miracle elixir.

I was starting to get full but the contrast of each truck was such a theme park of fun for my tastebuds that I just couldn’t stop this adventure any time soon.

In fact, I could have eaten a whole other brisket sandwich because it was just that good.

Gator Johns really lived up to the level of brisket bliss that we both knew and loved.

With one last beer in hand, and one last cheers of the glass, it was time to check out the last truck of the night.

A small food truck compared to the rest, but just as appetizing.

The hungry pony had a peanut butter and jelly burger that peaked my curiosity, but my stomach simply said no.

For the last choice of the night we ended perfectly with something light and small for the nights finale.

Our love for avocados and anything caprese had won the battle, and as I handed over my $5 I was almost instantly handed back a food tray.

This little fella may look small and not like much, but he packed a flavor so beautiful that I couldn’t be happier with our decision.

The mozzarella was extremely fresh, the avocado perfectly ripe and ready, and the balsamic glaze with tomatoes reminded me of a perfect bruschetta ingredient.

My two mouthfuls of avocado went by too fast as I handed my husband the spoon and remaining half. It really was the last truck of the night, and it definitely wasn’t the least; this simple creation was a flawless choice and I felt satisfied with how the night had unfolded.

As our last mouthfuls of beer disappeared from the glasses, we paid our tab and went home happily stuffed after such an amazing time.

If I lived in the area I would make sure to never miss a food truck rally ever again.

What more could you possibly want?

Good beer from an amazing brewery, and all of the different foods to choose from. It was an adult version of a trip to Disney World.

I believe those trucks to be some of the best food trucks in Fort Myers and I’m so glad that we decided to make the event.

If you ever find yourself in Fort Myers, Florida then I suggest you check out the events happening down at Fort Myers brewing; you won’t be disappointed.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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  1. Irma says:

    Thank you that was a very salivating article! I especially loved the “ Wet Burrito!“ Holy moly burrito bliss. I adored your play on words . You brought cinematography to that story! I can’t wait to visit Fort Myers again and get to that event! I Especially would love to eat and taste test Redroc cravings! Thank you 😊 🍺🌮🌯🍻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. It really was burrito bliss, and I can’t wait for you to try also! If you do get back to Fort Myers and join the food truck rally I’d love to hear all about it 😊. Thank you again!


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