‘Quick grabs’ Craft & Common; the best coffee shop for a pit stop in Orlando, Florida.

It’s been a while since I posted a ‘quick grab’ so I’m super excited to share this with all of you.

This week in Orlando we came across a gem of a coffee shop called Craft & Common.

From the second the door opened I loved it.

The bright open space was filled with plants, quirky lights, ample seating, and a fun shop to buy your favorite gadgets.

There’s something about a well organized coffee shop that almost makes you feel as though you have your life in order too – ha.

After a quick scan around the shop to look at all of the different items for sale, I finally made my way to the menu.

It was short and sweet, with the choice of two hot sandwiches, or a pick of delicious baked goods from their cabinets. The drinks were fun and I got rather excited when I saw the ‘Wild child latte’ which was made with rose syrup, vanilla, cardamom tincture and rose petals. It was me all over, of course I just had to get one.

(If you’re not in the mood, or feeling wild, then there’s plenty of others you can choose from too with equally quirky names like ‘painkiller’ and ‘the mule’)

My friend Jana ordered her wild child as an iced latte, which I was excited to see and compare to the hot.

When it came to the food I was almost tempted to get the prosciutto, egg and Swiss, but I reined in my inner fat kid and stuck with my latte; the food would have to wait for another time. Although, I did see a few people eating and the dishes looked glorious. Not to mention the pastry section which was overflowing with yummy coffee companions.

There was just something about this coffee shop that felt like home. The decor of plants added an urban feel, the bright white decor made it welcoming and spacious, and it was so cute that I wanted to stay forever and become a local.

My eyes lit up with excitement as we found the best seats in the house, a great little feature wall area of comfort and fun.

Take a look for yourself.

It was our cosy corner, and I couldn’t get enough.

The service was incredibly quick, and before I’d even had chance to sit down my drink was at the counter waiting.

It was beautiful. There’s no other way to describe it; that creamy latte tasted so good with the prominent flavor of rose, and the eye catching petals scattered on top made me feel like an excited child. I’d go as far as saying it is the prettiest latte I’ve ever seen. 10 out of 10 for presentation Craft & Common.

Jana’s iced wild child latte arrived too, in a quirky mason jar glass, and it was fantastic to see the same drink made in two different ways; both presented beautifully.

It felt as though it was almost a crime to drink it, and I tried desperately to move my mouth around the cup with each sip in order to preserve the lovely petals in their original position.

Both Jana and I happily sipped away in the best seats in the house, and spoke about our longing to come back every day.

This place was fun, it was unique, it was homely, and with the decor plants and rose petals it felt as though we were almost in a beautiful garden.

As we finished our lattes and departed for the post office, I couldn’t help but feel sad that our time was up.

If you’re in need of a caffeine fix on the go I’d recommend Craft & Common every step of the way. The service is fast whether you stay in or take away. It’s the perfect pit stop for your busy morning, and the baked goods look so delicious that I’m surprised I could say no.

Thank you to the lovely lady who took the time to step away from making coffee masterpieces and to take a picture of Jana and I in our cosy coffee den.

Craft & Common is now my number 1 coffee shop pick for Orlando, and it definitely won the award for the best ‘quick grabs’ of the week.

Go now and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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