Pho sure the best pho in Winter park! Viet-nomz cannot be missed.

After a long day at Universal studios we were Hangry to the point of car silence and in desperate need of food.

I had a face like a slapped butt, and my stomach was audibly unhappy as we drove towards a ramen restaurant we originally chose.

Upon reaching ramen we found out that a wait of one and a half hours was not for us, and as I almost cried we left the building.

What now? Where would we go?

I pulled out my iPhone and quickly scanned the area for something else, that’s when I saw Viet-noms which was a 10 minutes drive away; our savior. Without telling a word of a lie I put my phone away and ran back to the Jeep like a mad woman, leaving my husband in the dust, wanting to waste no time at all before stuffing my face. It was some serious business.

We were on our way. I was devastated about ramen, but I had no idea just how good the Pho was going to be. In a way I think it happened for a reason, as I’ve now found my favorite pho in the whole of Florida.

I walked through the door into the busy little restaurant and instantly knew we’d picked a good spot. That famous pho smell was thick in the air, and it smelt mighty fine.

I was to the point of anger with my hunger, and stopped talking because I knew I would snap at the smallest thing. My husband was very much the same, and I asked him to just order for us whilst I snagged a table for lockdown.

We were angry and hot and grumpy, but boy did we still make a good team.

My husband came back to the table and we sat in angry silence for what felt like 10 minutes.

For the dressing of the pho they had a really cool grab and go bar. You approached with a little tray and were given free rein on all of the toppings; as many as your little heart desired. I really dug it. Such freedom; what a time to be alive.

Soon, two humongous bowls of Pho came to touchdown in front of us. I kid you not when I say this bowl was bigger than my head; I’m sure you could have bathed a newborn in it if you wanted.

My husband told me that he’d ordered the extra large bowls with extra meat; that man knows the way to my heart.

As always I dove straight in to the steaming bowl, started with the broth as usual.

Perfect. Amazing. Fabulous. Glorious. Delicious!

There aren’t enough words to describe just how perfect that broth was. With a squirt here and there I added hoisin sauce, launching the dish into new galaxies of flavor beyond my wildest dreams.

It was everything I ever wanted and more. Screw the ramen, nothing could match this pho right here, and right now.

The meat was so plentiful that I almost filled up too fast on it, and I just couldn’t believe how much there actually was; every time I thought I’d finished I’d pick up some perfectly cooked noodles and find more beef tangled up in them like a jellyfish grabbing onto its prey.

I believe in total there must have been around a gallon of that delicious broth; it was a never ending bowl of awesomeness.

It took me almost an hour, but I finished the whole bowl to myself. My husband also reached the bottom after we’d cheered each other on. I had the pho sweats. I felt disgustingly beautiful as I sat in pain along with my husband from the mass consumption.

I wanted more. I wanted to buy more to take home, and I couldn’t believe that for such a big bowl it was only about $8 each. Bargain! We will be back time and time again.

Regardless of the pain I now felt inside due to my stomach expanding to the point of possibly unhealthy limits, I was incredibly happy.

I went from the true Hangry Wife to the chattiest, happiest, smiling wife in the world. My husband also found his voice again and we left Viet-noms two incredibly happy customers.

I have no shame in saying that we drove home in the car and I had to take my pants off because I couldn’t physically sit comfortable for the two hour ride home, with them buttoned up. It took a lot of deep breaths and the freedom of a pant-less waist to make that ride bare-able, and yet I never stopped smiling once.

The restaurant was small and almost like a fast food Vietnamese cafe. People came in, ate, and left within 30 minutes. The turn around was quick, and the door forever opened and closed; such a great thing to see as we shared our pho together.

Something happened that day. The world worked against us with the ramen plans, to make sure we ended up here at Viet-noms.

I can’t wait to get back, and bring a bunch of friends.

I’ll forever be happy with good company, extra meat, and an extra large bowl right there in that very restaurant. That’s all I need.

Get to Winter Park. Check it out. I dare you; you’ll never be the same again.

Until next time,

Mrs Conley.

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