Urban brew and bbq. Pure bbq heaven on Central in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I’ve never met a single person in my life who doesn’t love bbq, and I hope I never do.

This week I found myself at Urban brew and bbq in St. Petersburg, FL, not really sure what to expect, but Hangry beyond belief.

From the outside it’s a cute, modern, establishment that really stands out, and once that threshold is crossed all of your senses begin to tingle.

Almost as if walking into a wall the bbq smells linger in the air, engulfing you as soon as that door is opened.

Bbq heaven awaited.

There are times like these when I wish I could buy an expansion pack for my stomach, as there’s just too much good food on Urban brew and bbqs menu that I found myself being upset with so little stomach capacity to work with.

The beer selection was an instant hit and I kicked off my order with an orange wheat that tasted like a crafty blue moon; a WAY better blue moon in my eyes.

I also loved the idea of their ‘beer shots’. You could literally try all the beer in shot glasses, and really have some fun with your meal/pairings.

And if you’re anything like me, you love pulled pork. I don’t mean to make you hungry, but check out the special of the day ‘High on the hog’. I read it and shouted out loud ‘wow’ which caused my husband a few bellows of laughter.

Already this was off to a good start, and although I longed for the Hog I knew that deep down I couldn’t physically tackle it today. Next time though, it was on.

In the end for my main I ordered the half rack of ribs with a sweet sauce, and a side of pork belly bites. Originally I ordered the pork belly bites separate, and our server told us we could save $5-$7 by just having it as a side on the dish. Perfect! That’s the kind of service that goes a long way, and my husband and I were grateful for such honesty and great conversations.

For my husbands side he ordered Mac and cheese with prosciutto, and although he didn’t know it yet, I was definitely going to be trying it! What’s on your plate is mine, and what’s on mine is mine – ha.

Our food took around 20 minutes to come out, which was absolutely fine for us as server told us making the Mac and cheese fresh took a while longer; so we were happy to know that our food/sides were not pre-made like some bbq joints, but cooked fresh with the order, and I can really get down with that kind of food love.

The food appeared and my jaw dropped open as I saw just how much meat was on those ribs! Where did they find these monster pigs? Holy moly, it was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.

Massive hunks of meat fell away from the bone at just a single touch, and the smokey flavor attacked my tastebuds instantly; making my arm hairs stand on end. This was real magic. Every time that meat would fall from the bone I was reminded of just how real food obsession is. It was so beautifully sexy to watch it fall effortlessly away from that marble white. I was in love, and making continuous ‘mmmmmm’ noises throughout the whole meal without a shred of shame. My husband seemed to be feeling all of the same emotions, as we ate in silent awe; you know the food is killer when nobody talks, and is focused solely on the food.

From the sauces you could pick between sweet, tangy, and spicy. I was glad to pick the sweet, and could definitely taste the brown sugar and ketchup that they had used to make their homemade flavor injection in a side cup. I just couldn’t get enough; everything on the plate was lathered in sauce after I was done with it.

The pork belly bites were a first for me, I’d never had them cooked like this before, and I was not let down. Cooked for 7 and a half hours in root beer? Yum, YES please!! Throw them at me and I’ll catch them with my mouth; they’re that good!!

I loved how they were so soft and yet so crispy; it seemed almost illegal to sell such a food in fear that I’d never eat anything else ever again and be addicted for life. I must try to make these at home!

I looked over at my husband with a big gleaming smile, fingers now grossly covered in bbq sauce, and asked if it was time for me to try the Mac and cheese.

With zero shame I sucked the amazing sauce off of each and every finger like some wild animal, and picked up my fork.

The small skillet filled with Mac and cheese looked so inviting. At first I didn’t see the prosciutto, but as my fork hit the macaroni it floated through the dish as though the macaroni were made of little pillows, and when my fork reappeared it did so jammed full of cheesy pasta and prosciutto pieces. My god, I can’t even begin to explain the deliciousness of that dish. Even just the look of it was enough to make you cry happy tears of food heaven.

I was in love with Urban bbq and brew, and as I neared the last 3 ribs I started to struggle. My stomach was filling too fast for my liking, and I stared longingly at the food still left on my plate.

As my last piece of free stomach space awaited it’s fill, I noticed I had yet to try the homemade bread roll.


It was going in!

The bread was so buttery and doughy that I felt every single piece of it go to my waistline as I piled it high with delicious rib meat and Mac and cheese.

And of course the bread had to be warm, when I was so full, and twist my arm into finishing the whole thing in 3 hefty bites. Heck, I could have eaten a whole bread basket of those little fellas if you’d let me.

For a while I took breaks, trying to finish all of the delicious food, but in the end it defeated me. There was no more room at the inn; I had to wave the little white flag and surrender. I was overflowing with bbq in the most fabulous way possible, and my pants were the kind of tight that should be frowned upon, and yet here I was loving every second of it.

The day was a success. Nothing could bring us down. We were high on life and bbq, and we had the whole day ahead of us to enjoy.

If you haven’t made it over to St. Petersburg in Florida yet, then I suggest you do, and I suggest you make Urban brew and bbq your first port of call.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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