Demi’s noodle house. It’s time to talk about Pho.

Upon approaching Demi’s noodle house in Palmetto Florida, we were skeptical; both stomachs on zero with red flashing lights, and our dreams of pho ever present.

I made a promise to myself that my hopes could never get so high that the Pho gods could shoot them down with memories of past, long slurped up, bowls.

I’ve been here before; eyes wide, belly screaming, and drooling at the thought of a pho that would make my life right again… and multiple times I’ve been let down. However, we entered and crossed our fingers, toes, and eyes. Something felt right about this one.

From Florida’s famous baking heat and humidity we crossed the threshold into Demi’s noodle house; the AC was glorious, the smell of pho hit immediately, and I peered out from under my sunglasses to admire the decor.

It was cozy; instantly it appealed to me. Nothing too fancy, and cute in a way that only a little noodle house could be.

I was surprised to see so few people and silently thanked past Mr and Mrs Conley for their decision of a late lunch.

Our waitress was great and within seconds we had menus and water in front of us. Without hesitation my husband and I both pointed, almost in unison, at the same rare beef pho; our favorite every time.

The wait was short. I’d barely had chance to start telling my husband about my morning at work when the steaming bowl of broth was placed in front of me; the contents swaying back and forth like a wave pool of yummy goodness. I noticed the noodles didn’t seem to look like the vermicelli flat rice noodles I was used to in Pho I’d had previously (including in Vietnam), but decided to go ahead and give it a try.

The time was now. Judgement day. The yay or nay to the whole trip. I stared at the accompaniments – pleased with the thin slices of beef – and began to dig in.

First I tried the broth in its original form. Not bad. Flavorful but not to the level of flavor I’ve tasted before. Definitely not the worst though, and I may add that usually I am unhappy with a broth until I’ve added hoisin sauce; that’s the real sealer for me.

So in went the hoisin, and some siracha. A quick whip of my chopsticks to mix it all up and we were back in the game. Better, much better. Now it tasted like my usual bowl of hearty goodness. The noodles were not the traditional looking ones, but they were still really good and worked well with the dish.

The beef was added, the vegetables were poured in like a landslide, and the silence continued as my husband and I tried as gracefully as possibly to eat without splashing the contents on each other and the table; there’s nothing more romantic then leaving a place with your spouses broth splatters on you from a good bowl of noodles and even better company – ha.

The bowl was deep, my belief in my stomach strong, and my chopstick skills still never improving, but enough to embarrassingly get me by.

In the end I was defeated; I couldn’t finish the bowl.

We were pleasantly surprised. This little noodle house in Palmetto, Florida had delivered the goods; not to mention the distance from our current work location to the noodle house is less than 10 minutes, which means we will definitely be back multiple times for more pho, pho sure.

Pho lovers of Palmetto, assemble.

Thanks Demi’s for a good time. Your bowls of love saved my hangry day.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley 💜

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