Beercraft. A great craft beer shop and bar in the Centre of Bath.

Today whilst walking the streets of Bath, sick to death of Peroni’s and Kronenburg, we stumbled upon Beercraft; a craft beer store that specializes in selling craft brews, selling home brew kits, and even taps a few kegs to drink whilst you’re there. What could possibly be better?


The place itself seems fairly small, but they definitely use every inch of the space; one wall is local breweries, and then the rest is organized on beer type, with beers coming from all over the world.


This kind of place is not uncommon to the States, but to find one in the UK seems to be a challenge. I was so impressed to see that this little gem had popped up in Bath, and I’m 100% behind the idea. On tap they had:

‘Dr. Rudi’ – by Electric Bear,
‘Sour Suzy’ – by Lervig,
‘Sonny Boy’ – by LHG,
‘Kaleidoscope’ – by Wiper + True.

I went with the Dr Rudi, which was a pale, and an easy drinker. My husband chose the sour suzy, as we’d seen it at a craft beer festival in Leeds but it was tapped, so we never got to try it; the wait was worth it. Both excellent choices.
I also saw that they offered wine for customers who perhaps are not in the mood for beer, or maybe your friend/loved one is shopping for beer and you’re just simply waiting and having a good time, and fancy a glass of wine? The options for you at Beercraft are sure to please.

I lost my husband to the beer wall, which is nothing unusual for us, and as he filled his basket full of new brews to try I had a great conversation with the guys working that day. Their knowledge of beers and breweries is impressive, and they even knew of breweries and beers that we’d tried all over Europe, which was great for conversation; I could have honestly stayed in there all day just talking and drinking some Dr. Rudi.
One of my favorite IPAs from our travels in Europe was a beer called Soup! From Garage brewery in Barcelona; we spent many nights there enjoying their delicious beer, and I was devastated to learn that Beercraft will have Soup! on tap in around three weeks, when I will no longer be around (About the time this review is posted). So if you’re in the area and love IPAs, then get on down to BeerCraft to try this one, because you’ll kick yourself if you miss it.
I’d like to mention that they also were very knowledgeable on home brewing, and I was shocked to see so many home brewers going downstairs to buy bits and pieces to continue their experiments; I think I saw a total of six people come and go, all needing help and information on their home brewing system. This place is no joke.


Whilst in Bath we really wanted to go and check out the Electric Bear brewery, and I was bummed to find out that their taproom was not open whilst we were there, but I’m glad Beercraft at least had one of the beers on tap so I could give it a real try. That was a real plus.

All in all I was very impressed with Bath and its craft beer scene; never in a million years would I imagine I’d find a shop like this on those historical streets.
Forget the bars, forget the pubs, and forget the local grocery stores and their beer selection; get yourself down to Beercraft and enjoy the day. If I lived in Bath this would definitely be my local watering hole. The atmosphere, the good beer, the amount of interesting people walking in and out, and just the whole package is a labyrinth for anyone who loves craft beer.

I take my hat off to the team down in Bath who are making this store possible, and I’m so glad to see so many people walking in and out of the doors to try new beers, and be open to the craft beer scene. Whilst in there I saw a lot of older customers coming in to see what it was all about, and even buying beers for family members to take home, which was such a joy to see. I really do think the craft beer scene will be unstoppable in the near future; already in the UK over the past seven years I’ve gone from seeing very few microbreweries and craft beers to now seeing them all over the place. We are in no way on Americas scale yet when it comes to experimentation and vastness, but we are catching up fast, and I’d say thats pretty exciting.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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