Dois Corvos Cervejeira, Lisbon Portugal. Microbrewing; the Portuguese way.

On our recent trip to Lisbon, or Lisboa as it’s known to the Portuguese, we discovered a local microbrewery, which we had heard about whilst downtown.

It was a short cab ride away, and the outside was surrounded by scaffolding; I won’t lie and tell you I wasn’t worried when looking at the location from the cab window as the rain poured onto that cobbled almost alleyway-like street.

My husband sat across from me, the night dark, and asked ‘well, shall we?’

Out of the cab and into the pouring rain we went; we were now inside Dois Corvos.

From what seemed like a dark hole in the wall from the outside was actually a breath of fresh air as we walked through the door. My husband caught my smile and sigh of relief, to which I saw his ‘I told you so’ smile counter across his face; he’d picked a good one.

The inside was a long narrow room, and the walls were stenciled with a beautifully bright art that really set the tone; I noticed a lot of reds and yellows which to me screamed Portugal. There’s something about the way the Portuguese add color and beautifully detailed paintings to everything that just makes you feel like summertime.

I’m not really sure what the picture meant or if there was a theme, but it seemed that this feature wall could be the topic of a table conversation, or even just a visual wonderland to sit and take in. The tables were almost like picnic tables; all in a line as though we were at a cafeteria. Simple, stylish, and perfect for beer drinking.

The bar itself housed mash tanks and brewing equipment at the back, which was fully operational and in full swing. It’s always nice to see a working brewery keep up it’s busy day to day as customers sit down and enjoy the end product; it’s nice to know where the product you’re putting into your body is coming from. Near the bar was also a little electric heater, which was great for such a miserable cold night.

My husband ordered a session IPA and I ordered a flight filled with blondes, pale ales, and IPAs. Nothing too crazy, and we were sad that they didn’t have any sours on tap, but it was still pretty awesome to find a brewery right here in Lisbon.

Next up it was time for some chewing.

One of my favorite things about visiting different breweries isn’t just the beer, but also the bar menu with different kinds of small plates. It’s funny how they vary with such variety from place to place; I really do believe the whole package makes the brewery.

The menu here looked great. We had shared the focaccia upon arrival – prosciutto, pesto and mozzarella with tomato – and it was heavenly. Unfortunately we were so hungry it didn’t stay on the plate long enough for me to get a picture.

Now that we were sat down and into the swing of things we ordered a few snacks for the table. Our two picks for the night ended up being a cured meat platter with olives and homemade bread, and the famous chourico Assado sausage.

Chourico Assado is a sausage made from pork meat that is seasoned heavily with paprika, and sometimes red wine; it has a chorizo texture and taste to it. The stuff the sausage into an all natural casing and it is slowly dried over smoke. If you haven’t had one before then you’ll be happy to know it’s a pretty exciting time. The sausage arrives in a clay dish, suspended above a little puddle of alcohol, which is lit at the table. Watching the sausage cook in those beautiful blue and orange flames is the peak of entertainment; my inner child was wide eyed and squealing with joy inside.

Our trip to Dois Corvos as a whole was great. I’ll admit that arriving in the pitch black, late at night, I was unsure of where we were as many locals looked over at us, and I couldn’t help but feel out of place… but once inside it was absolutely fantastic. The staff were super friendly and loved to talk about their beers with such passion and pride; they also had great food recommendations and the wait time was practically nothing for all of the delicious dishes.

Great beer, great food, and such a fun experience to find a great microbrewery here in Lisbon, Portugal.

Watch out world. Craft beer is taking over, one microbrewery at a time, and I can’t wait.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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