Chamas rodizio. Beverley’s independent Brazilian Steakhouse.

Today felt almost like a fast as I waited patiently for that clock to strike 4pm, so that I could stuff my face with delicious all you can eat Brazilian meat at Chamas Rodizio.


My stomach felt as though it was eating itself, which in all honesty probably isn’t a bad thing for it to get rid of some of those reserves – ha.

Usually I would never write a review on this kind of restaurant, as people are used to the big chains like Fogo De Chao or Rodizio Rico, and of course everybody knows what they are and how they work. There’s no need for a review, correct?

Well, here is where, with this particular restaurant, I think it needs one; Beverley is a historic market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, which dates back to the 7th century. Beverley today is known for its beautiful Beverley Minster, Beverley Westwood, and Beverley racecourse. You’ll also be please to learn a fun fact that Beverley Massachusetts, and Beverley Hills in California are said to have had inspiration from this little historic market town for their name selection.

Now, all of these things that we know and love Beverley for are pretty awesome, but it seems that Chamas is also putting this little market town on the map too.

It brings a unique and exotic feel to the medieval untouched town, which I’d go as far as saying is one of Yorkshires best kept secrets.


Chamas has literally taken the town by storm; its busy any day of the week with hungry patrons, grabbing slices of that delicious tender meat.

Unlike any other restaurant in the town it boasts an all you can eat Brazilian menu, which is only £15.95 for lunch (which is until 5pm) at the time of this article; how could you possibly say no to that? I was up and on my way to see what all the hype was about.

This restaurant is not a big chain, it is not part of a franchise, but it’s an independent restaurant that decided Beverley was the lucky place that won the Brazilian meat jackpot when they decided to open the doors back in 2017; it’s still only a baby!

I think that deserves a review if nothing else, because it was actually better then a couple of the big franchises I’ve visited previously.

Upon walking into the restaurant we were greeted with excellent service from the get go, and seated quickly to start choosing our drinks.

My choice of drink was a double Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic, and as it arrived I quickly left to check out the salad bar.

If you’ve never been to a Brazilian like this then you’ll get all excited on your first time at the cured meats, cheeses, vegetables, pastas and rices at the salad bar. Oh poor rookie, you will soon learn. Whilst the salad bar is nice I’d advise you to use it like a testing of water, and only dip in one partial toe to get a feel. You’ll thank me later when the meat starts circling and you’re getting the meat sweats, praying that you had a second stomach.

The salad bar at Chamas was very nice indeed, and even I found myself having to throw on the restraints as the freshness and variety of choice screamed for me to place each items onto my plate in a hangry frenzy.


With three slices of tomato – elegantly topped with a thin slice of mozzarella and a dash of pesto – I made my way back to my table.

When visiting restaurants like these I’d advise you to wear elastic pants, because as soon as you flip your personal coaster from red to green, there really is no going back.


Green means go, and instantly you are met by a waiter carrying a long skewer of hot, juicy, meats. This will not stop, it will continue until you flip your coaster back over to red, which means you are now full to the point of explosion, or maybe to the point of tears – it’s really a personal thing.


On the lunch menu they offer meats such as: Picanha (cap of rump), alcatra (rump), chicken thighs, cordeiro (minted lamb), pork ribs, Maminha com queijo (steak and cheese), garlic steak, pork sausage, smoked gammon, and sides such as pineapple, and garlic bread.

There’s a lot to choose from and each one has its own authentic name, that’s translated for you to understand.

I’d advise you to stay away from the sausages, chicken, gammon, garlic bread and possibly pineapple. Not because they are bad in any way or any less delicious, but because the steak is really where the party is at.

My favorite meat is definitely the Picanha, which is the cap of the rump; a famed meat in Brazil for its taste and tenderness. At Chamas it definitely lives up to that Brazilian hype, and proves why it’s a national famed meat. The fat, when roasted in that perfect way, is so delicious I could probably sit and hand feed myself crispy fat all day, ignoring my health as it plummets along with my waistline; but of course at the restaurant I politely use my tongs to catch the freshly sliced steak and place it onto my plate in a small neat pile, taking a more civilized route.


The meat is seasoned with what seems like sea salt boulders, which makes it all the more perfect as the steak, medium rare, melts in your mouth along with the succulent crispy fat. I would later take the same meat, and even ask for it to make one last appearance for the final bow, before this meal was up and the curtain indeed closed.


My second favorite meat was the minted lamb; cooked to perfect medium rare perfection is was so full of flavor it made my mouth water as I took each bite. The mint was also visible running down the side in an almost sexy way as I waited patiently with my tongs as the waiter smoothly sliced through the meat with ease. Another dish that I would happily have on a carousel, along with the rump cap, all night long.


The steak and cheese, garlic steak, and normal rump were also delicious.

Eventually I was so full of steak and lamb that I was forced, possibly by my husband, to turn my sign over from green to red; before I drifted past the point of no return into meat sweat oblivion. (My husband knows me well.)

I shared this meal with my husband and my parents, who did try the garlic bread, the pineapple, and the other meats. They said they were also exceptional and my husband noted how much he liked the cinnamon that was rubbed into the pineapple to add even more flavor and texture.

Chamas is such a refreshingly unique restaurant for the area, and after so many boring old chain restaurants and mediocre same old, same old joints took over the town and dominated it for too many years, Chamas is definitely standing up there on its own godly ledge looking down on the lesser restaurants, holding up the victory trophy for the best restaurant to open its doors in Beverley – in my opinion.

Chamas really has a ‘mi casa es tu casa’ vibe to it, and from the service to the atmosphere you feel totally at home.

If you haven’t had the chance yet to visit this restaurant, during its, as of now, 10 months of being open, then I urge you to get in the car and go; heck, walk if you have to.

I’d take one for the team and admit that this restaurant outdid a few of the big chains I visited previously, and gave a quality that the big guys can no longer seem to offer on such a wide scale.

Thank you Chamas; you should definitely be listed on the best ‘things to do’ section when people search for the little market town of Beverley and all it’s delights.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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