Palace Tandoori. West Drayton, UK.

After walking miles to try and find a pub that served food in West Drayton on a Sunday evening we were desperate to find anything; that’s when we heard about an Indian restaurant open on the Main Street.

With no other choice we decided to give it a try; not to mention we both love Indian food.

I think in a way we were suppose to be disappointed in all the choices before, and perhaps the let downs of no food were a gift in disguise, because the palace Tandoori was by far one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to in a long time.

Nothing much to look at on the inside or the outside, and I’m sure you’d just walk past it without a second thought on most days. I can guarantee though that the food you get here will absolutely blow your mind; it’s nothing short of excellent.


The waiter who served us was very well spoken, polite, and very knowledgeable on the UK and it’s history. My hometown in England is small and not many people know about it, or go there, but our waiter instantly knew where it was, it’s history of being a fishing town years ago, and told us many great stories of the area; even mentioning that his brother had owned a business there.

Now, onto the ordering. We were so hungry by the time we arrived that we ordered far too much. For me: chicken tikka, steamed rice, a cobra beer, a sharing garlic naan and an onion samosa starter to share.

My husband also got the tikka but added garlic rice to his instead.

We waited for what seemed like 5 minutes, whilst deep in good conversation, and then saw the food being wheeled over on a handy little serving trolley.

Oh boy, was it a lot of food; we really outdid ourselves this time.


At first I was confused, as the chicken tikka I’d usually get would have a thick delicious sauce all over it. This, however, was more traditional. A chicken of amazing quality was cooked in spices, skewered, and so mouthwateringly juicy that I’d go as far as saying it’s he best chicken I’ve had in a long time. Underneath the chicken lay a bed of onions cooked in spices, which really added a great crunch and texture to the whole thing.

They also delivered a small little bowl of sauce which tasted of mint, and curry spices, which wasn’t like any sauce I’d tried before; it was fabulous on the chicken and the rice.

The garlic naan was also killer, but I’m a big believer that anything with garlic in is always a dead set winner regardless of the dish choice. No vampires tonight!

After all was said and done I couldn’t physically move. My husband ordered a coffee and a ferrero rocher ice cream dessert, which I was grateful of so I could sit and digest before moving my now 5lb heavier self up and out of the seat.


When the ice cream arrived it did look fabulous. I tried a bite and it seemed they’d literally grinded up those little balls of joy, and made them into an ice cream; literally a ferrero rocher taken to a whole new level.

After all of the failures of the night, and all the miles walked in search for food that we never found, it seems in the end we really did win; palace Tandoori was a little slice of heaven for two hungry Indian food lovers.

Fabulous service, fabulous food, and worth every single penny.

If you find yourself in West Drayton, like we did for the night, then definitely try palace Tandoori.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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