The best 3 pubs in Oxford to visit for their age and atmosphere. Oxford, England.

Upon writing this article it is the day of the Royal wedding for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I have scheduled this post so that it posts a little over 2 weeks later.
Today was an excellent day, and I’m so glad that the weather was absolutely perfect for their wedding.

So, today I have decided to make a list of my three favorite pubs in Oxford to visit.

I know what people think, oh Oxford is expensive, Oxford is posh.. and  I will not tell you that you are wrong, but I have paid more for a Gin and tonic in the North than I have for a G&T up here in Oxford at some of the most beautiful pubs around.



Chequers is a short walk from the Oxford university. The inside is incredibly cosy with lavish leather armchairs, open fireplaces, and little nooks in every corner. Their bar is fully stocked with craft beer, gin, wine, whiskey, rum, vodka; basically everything you could ever want with enough variety to have you pondering ‘what next?’ for days.

Their menu is also fabulous, and we ordered the garlic mussels and frites to take outside to the beer garden, along with our Beavertown Gamma Ray beers.

The beer garden is fairly big with lots of tables, when the sun is shining it’s the perfect spot to kick back, enjoy conversation, and get a tan. We spent a long time here, and when the mussels arrived they were absolutely perfect.

Chequers was a resident home from 1260 to 1434, and was converted into an Inn during 1500s. Also, on the plaque outside the main entrance you can read about a camel that was on show for a short while at the Inn, all the way from Cairo, and siamese twins, and was once almost even a zoo! The history is wild, from animals, and oddities, to monks and soldiers. You’ll have to go and see for yourself at this great little pub.

The Bear.


Next up we have The Bear. My husband and I actually watched the Royal wedding here in their beer garden on a projection screen that they had set up, which was a lot of fun in the sun.


The Bear prides itself on being Oxfords oldest pub, and the bar is still the original, or so I was told. It is said to date back to 1242, and has really progressed with the times hosting live bands, and food offers on certain nights, and even quizzes; it has progressed with the times but remained extremely true to its history and not much has changed within the establishment itself, which is great to see.

Here is the cute little bar when you first walk in; watch your head!


Whilst watching the wedding I also ordered a small plate of Shrimp with salad, and enjoyed it along with a beer in the sun.


The Bear is a must see on your stop in Oxford, even if just to say you visited the oldest pub! It’s quaint, it’s traditional, it’s old as hell with its uneven staircase and low ceilings, and it really does feel like you’re taking a trip back in time.

Turf Tavern.


To get to Turf Tavern is like something from Hogwarts itself. Nestled in the grounds of Oxford university you’ll find yourself squeezing down a small alleyway called St. Helens passage, and into the beer garden at the front of this cute little pub.


We did not eat here, but the menu looked great. We did however enjoy a double gin and tonic each, which only set us back 10 GBP. You’ll be happy to know that if the beer garden at the front is too busy, then theres also another beer garden at the back; we chose to go at the back and sit in the sun once again as this was our last stop of the day.

The inside of the Turf Tavern is another duck and dive with low ceilings, and a cute traditional bar that really does make you feel like you are in England.
When sitting in the beer garden, drinking gin, surrounded by one of the most famous and beautiful universities in the world, it’s hard to not feel in awe of the place.


Whilst the bar may be small it is fully stocked, and they also have a main restaurant dining area behind it for a more family friendly atmosphere.
If you visit Oxford and decided to go to the University I’d recommend the Bodleian library tour, and then a pit stop in the Turf Tavern on the way out for a cheers to the Brits; they’re definitely doing it right.

There you have it. My top picks for Oxford; if you find yourself in the area then please let me know if you visit any of these locations, share pictures, and let me know what you think.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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