Quick grabs at Tamper coffee: Sellers Wheel. Sheffield, UK

Today I bring you another ‘quick grab’ in my quick grab series. Originally I hoped I’d get a new one out each week, but that proved to be difficult and I now will aim to get one to you as and when I find a good spot.

I walked the cobbled streets of England’s ‘home to steel’, and found myself outside of Tamper coffee: Sellers Wheel.

After entering the cafe I was in and out in less than 30 minutes; record timing when I even sat down to eat my breakfast.

The place itself was very modern, and I liked the use of real life plants as it made me feel like they really did love and care about the place if they were willing to keep plants alive and fresh for customers to see. (I can barely keep a herb alive, which I think is why the plants impressed me so much in such a busy little cafe.)

For breakfast I ordered the guacamole eggs and toast, topped with halloumi, and finished with a hint of spicy garlic oil drizzled on top. Take a look at the beautiful presentation below; I almost clapped alone at my table for one when the waitress placed it in front of me. It also arrived so quickly that I didn’t have time to pick which coffee I wanted to go with it, and I decided I’d get my coffee later to go, as I was about to head to work, and everyone loves a good ‘to work’ coffee; don’t lie to me, I know you do.

The bread tasted homemade with a perfect finishing crunch, the eggs were so perfectly poached that they exploded an ooey gooey avalanche of delicious golden messy yolks all over my plate; how exciting!

The guacamole was definitely homemade, and all in all it was the perfect breakfast to start my day. Not too little, not too much.

I cleared the plate so quickly that I think the waitress was in some ways impressed; I would have liked to tell her that I didn’t get to this size without practicing the art of hangry eating, but I thought she maybe wouldn’t understand my humor and it would be deemed rude.

A quick trip back across the cafe and towards the door was the counter for ordering drinks to go. I paid my bill and purchased a cappuccino, which was freshly made and on the counter in less than 5 minutes. Bravo barista; you sir are a hero.

I was highly impressed with such a little independent cafe that took pride in its coffee making and fresh ingredients.

Although I chose to sit down, even with the cafe fairly busy, I still consider this a quick grab. Less than 30 minutes for a sit down breakfast and a coffee to go? I’d say that’s a win win. Fantastic work Sellers Wheel team; you deserve a pat on the back.

If you’re into good coffee, and good breakfast to start your day then I’d definitely tell you to swing on by. In fact, don’t just swing on by, run full force and bodycheck yourself through the front door; order that amazing breakfast you’ve so rightfully deserved for all of those years passed, and then thank me later… you’re welcome.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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