Little Bao boy and mussels pots. Leeds, Brewers market.

I wasn’t going to write a piece on a food stand but lo-and-behold, here I am, writing a whole review because it was just THAT good.  

Last weekend we went to Leeds for a craft beer festival at Canal Mills, and we were treated to an array of yummy food stands right there in the midst of the breweries.

This stand caught my eye; I’m a sucker for bao buns and the menu dragged me straight in, like a fish on a hook. I practically threw my £7 at them and ordered two; east meets west, and grandmas chicken bao.

Now, for the wait, which wasn’t long at all. I watched as the guy pulled meats out of steaming pots and witnessed the sprinkling of sesame seeds before my eyes. The whole thing was beautiful, and the end result was a tastebud sensation.

The picture cannot do this place as much justice as it deserves, but let me tell you one thing right now; skip Grandma and her chicken, and go straight for the east meets west!

Pulled pork in garlic and chilli ALL the way; it was the best bao bun I’ve ever had. That little crunch of cucumber, the tenderness of that slow cooked pork, the explosion of Asian flavor, the sesame seeds, the siracha spicy mayo… everything about it made me weak at the knees.

Well played Little Bao Boy, well played. You win this time.

Another great food stand at the craft beer festival was this little gem called the mussel pot.

For £7.50 I waited patiently to get my mussels in a garlic white wine sauce. While the presentation wasn’t anything fancy, the mussels were enough to have me gasping in surprise at the first taste. Fantastic!

The perfect beer drinking accompaniment as a snack. The mussels were so soft and the flavors really broke through to the pallet; releasing garlicky goodness that had me clapping and rocking side to side in my seat. 

The bread was a lovely addition although I heard some at the festival say unnecessary; but those people clearly have not familiarized themselves with the art of ‘mussel sauce mopping’ as I like to call it. You take that bread and you dip it in that sauce until it drastically reduces in volume, or so help me god! If you don’t do that then you’re totally missing out, and I’m afraid our friendship ends here.

I’m a huge lover of food stands and food trucks, and although I couldn’t fit another bite of food in me, I was pretty bummed that I didn’t get to try any of the delicious meat on the fire pit at the mussels pot.

I guess that just means I’ll have to go back in the near future.

The craft beer festival alone was fabulous, but the food stands really attributed to the experience and made the package complete. 

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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