Humber Street distillery company. Let the fun beGIN!

Today my husband and I, yes he’s finally here, took a trip to the Humber Street distillery company in Hull on the East coast of the United Kingdom. Once a big fishing town with large docks, but now not a fish boat in sight as the Humber dock area has been revamped into a lively bar and restaurant strip.

Hull was also the winner of UKs city of culture last year in 2017, and you can see a huge improvement in such a short amount of time that it is really starting to become a fantastic town.

Now, back to the distillery…

We’d heard many good things about this little place and their wide selection of gins; naturally we had to go and see for ourselves.

Upon first entering we were pleasantly surprised by the gentleman’s club style decor inside; leather arms chairs and booths spanned the front of the bar, with steampunk light finishes, and dark brown elegant wood throughout. A few of the chairs – as you can see in the picture below – were a mix of leather and tweed, which oddly enough I associated with fox hunting attire – a sport now banned throughout the UK. The ambience of the whole place was so relaxing that I could have spent hours on that one leather alcove in which we sat.

The music was low and I was eager to get to the Gin menu after a quick look around; being able no longer to control my cravings for that deliciously bitter nectar of the gods.

Most of the gins ranged around £4-4.50 and then you paid for your mixer of choice; I was pleasantly surprised to find they had my favorite all time gin – Cotswolds, and I immediately ordered it with a Fentman’s pink grapefruit tonic. Heavenly!

Another striking part of the distillery was their little distilling room directly across from the bar where they keep the fondly named LolaGrace – their little gin distiller.

They also sell the gin that they make, and the latest batch was priced at £35 a bottle, branded beautifully with the ‘Humber street distillery co’ logo – a very nice eye appealing tipple with a great display of pride for Hull within the bottle, reminding you that this delicious beverage is in fact brewed right here.

I did however admire their brick walls. If it wasn’t lined with dark wood, leather, or pictures from times gone by, then it was covered in real red bricks – adding an almost alleyway feel to the narrow bar. Above the main entrance they had a great custom made wallpaper with the layout of the area which I liked very much, but above the distillery room, toilets, and end of the bar I was not a fan of the gold wallpaper; to me it added a tacky effect. What would have been very good is if they used the same custom wallpaper instead of that gold drab, or even better; if they’d kept the brick theme flowing throughout.

That’s all I could really fault the place on though, as the staff were fantastic, and the gin selection was extremely vast at reasonable prices. Amongst the gins my favorite will always be Cotswold with its 9 botanicals, but we also enjoyed the Whitley Neill and Humber Street Distillery Co gin that was, like I said, made by this little distillery on the Humber docks.

You really can’t go wrong with a good Whitley either, and their homemade gin didn’t have the bitterness of the Cotswold but it was a very smooth drinker; we were pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a look at their gin selection to prove the quantity and quality inside; and this is only a fraction.

Another big hit for me was the fresh fruit and botanicals placed across the bar in half mason jars; not a single piece of fruit was bad and the colors really stood out against that dark grain wood of the bar.

All in all I really did enjoy our trip to the Humber street distillery company, and I’d happily go back.

If you’re not in the mood for gin they also have great wines, beers, rum, and a vast whiskey selection with a few Japanese gems.

Definitely worth a try if you’re in the up and coming town of Hull. What they have done with this part of an old fishing dock is fantastic and I can’t wait to see it expand even more.

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley.

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