A Tiny Rebel. Cardiff.

Last week I found my way to the Tiny Rebel taphouse in Cardiff for some delicious beer fun.


Walking the dark streets seemed pretty eerie late at night, making the taproom even more inviting with its bright lights and splashes of red color.

From the outside it was just a corner building pulling your attention with the canvas signs and quirky logos – on the inside a very well decked out, modern, taproom with a fantastic atmosphere. In a way it felt as though you were on the deck of a ship when stood waiting for your beer with its barrels seats and wood finishes  



The staff were some of the friendliest I had in the whole city, and both times I visited I found myself laughing and making friends with them. They are also very knowledgeable and willing to answer any question you may have.

Now, to the beer… 

They have a lot of beers on tap, including the frambuzzi raspberry sour at a low 4.3% which was a delicious refreshing drink and with that percentage you can have more than just a taste – The raspberry wasn’t strong enough to be sickly but it was strong enough to give you a tastebud slap to let you know it was there. The tropical IPA was also very good, and had hints of pineapple with a very mild finish; definitely a hot summer day drinker at 5.5%. They sell it as the taste of a fruit salad, and the Clwb Tropicana is definitely that. 

They also had a lemon sour that was new on tap, without a name on it yet, and that was fantastic… But it will remain a mystery as I never actually found out what it was called before we ended the night, but it was 7% so I had one and dared not dabble again after sampling other beers also. 


The taproom itself was very big, circling the whole bar with multiple rooms, and an upstairs area. The art decor and painting was fantastic, really adding a grungy vibe to the whole place in a good way. Not only was the beer epic, the food was epic looking, and the whole place had been made into a hipster heaven. Here’s a few pictures of the art decor on the walls to show you just how much attention to detail has really gone into advertising that ‘rebellious’ look. 



Fantastic, right?! 

I really do love how far breweries and taprooms are going with their decor and art to really be unique and make the whole visit and experience a total taste, sound and sight adventure. I have seen it accomplished over and over again in the states where they have it down to a true masterpiece, but I’m very happy to see it finally taking on this side of the pond. 

The music in Tiny Rebel was also something to mention; both times they had 90s music on, and if that’s not an instant win to my little 90s baby heart then I don’t know what is. 

Whilst I was there I also liked that they were supportive of other breweries and stocked cans/had draft beer, that was also for sale on the premises. 

When you entered on the right they also had an area where they sold merchandise and beers to go; I just had to pick some stuff up for my husband. 


I came away with an awesome bottle opener, a frambuzzi sour for my husband since he couldn’t be there with me, and an awesome shirt that I’m hoping fits him perfectly. Here’s a sneak peek… 




Tiny rebel left a big impact and I was more than happy to sip their fantastic beer whilst listening to good music, and laughing with friends. 

I can’t wait until my husband gets here and I can do it all over again with him. 

Until next time,

Mrs. Conley 

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