Mango beer and mussels at Zerodegrees brewing. Cardiff.

This week I was introduced to Zerodegrees brewery here in Cardiff and fell in love with their mango beer. We also arrived during their happy hours between 5-7pm where pints are £3. I also tried their honey wheat beer, which was delicious and refreshing. I’d love to spend a warm summer day, sitting with a mango beer in the sun; it was the perfect light drink. The mango popped as soon as it hit your tastebuds and left you with a great fruity aftertaste.



The brewery was also very nice, and had almost a warehouse feel to it. I like how they kept the metallic metal theme running through the whole brewery, as though the counters were made from the brewery tanks themselves. The big brick pizza oven really complimented the room as almost a centerpiece, and I particularly liked their custom made pizza boxes.



The staff where very knowledgeable about the beer making process and where happy to answer any questions thrown their way; if you didn’t like a beer they’d recommend other options similar to the one you did like. I tried their black lager, which was very light and full of caramel flavors; I couldn’t drink a pint of it so I was very thankful that they were so good at letting you try each one before you committed to a whole pint.


Next up I decided to try their garlic and white wine mussels. They are a little pricey at £15+ but don’t let that stop you, because they were some of the best mussels I’ve had. Also, if you go at lunch time I believe they’re half the price.


The chefs were very friendly, and let me go back into the kitchen and take pictures of the mussels cooking, as well as seeing a big pizza order get made and sent out. The aromas made your mouth water, and the mussels came with a hearty helping of fries; I’d recommended you putting all the fries into the broth once the mussels are done, because it makes an amazing mix. I honestly could have drank the broth like a soup, it was garlicky and everything I’d ever wanted and more. If you find yourself at zerodegrees then I would 100% tell you to place a mussel order; there are around 5 different kinds to choose from. However, I did hear that the pizzas are also magnificent. Earlier this year I was in Brussels where the famous mussels and frites come from, and I can say hands down that the mussels and frites I had at Zerodegree where better than any mussels I had in Brussels, Belgium. 



A lot of love has gone into that brewery; from the food to the beer, it’s all finished smoothly and is expertly done. The taste in both the beer and food was so flavorful that it really did go above the bar and leave you with only good things to say.

I had such a fantastic time with great friends, and can’t wait to go back and hopefully take my husband one day. Here’s the beer list, so you can have a peak for yourself. 


Until next time,

Mrs. Conley

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