The Philharmonic. Cardiff

Yesterday I found myself outside of the Philharmonic, lovingly known as the Philly by locals, in Cardiff; a former nightclub, renovated in 2016 into a great restaurant and bar. 

The outside is beautiful in its own way, sticking out like a sore thumb with its blue paint; unmissable from the street. I like the font they used for their windows, and the gold writing really goes well with all that blue. 

I booked a table for 4pm and was greeted with my own table sign and a lady who was extremely nice and helpful. Everything I needed was right there, and the waitress made sure I had all of my drinks and food as fast as possible.


Without skipping a beat I immediately ordered the rump steak, medium rare, with a glass of Merlot. 

The inside is very nicely decorated and finished, with a lower level and upper level; a lot of money has clearly gone into making the Philharmonic what it is today. I was very interested in going here because I read in a news article that during the renovation they found a secret lane, and also a lot of original tiles and panels that had been hidden through all of those nightclub years. I was fascinated whilst reading it, and although I never saw any of the uncovered gems, it was nice to sit there and think about all of the years and things the building had been used for.

The building itself has so much history and they’ve kept the classic theme with the new decor which is lovely to see. I guess you could just view it as any old pub if you didn’t know its history, but regardless it still is very appealing to the eye and a great spot.

In a way it felt very homey and even though I was alone I felt as though I fitted right in. Nothing was too much hassle, and the waitress always had a smile on her face and was very excitable. They also had wifi which was great for my skype calls, and it was very fast which is an added tick. 

The Merlot was a little acidic but I warmed to it with each sip, and was delighted to see my food arrive so quickly. 

It was huge; and looked absolutely fantastic. Have a look for yourself! 


The first cut into my steak was going to be the deciding factor as to whether this whole trip was worth it or not, and as I cut – holding my breath – I was relieved to see that juicy red center. It was a win. Let out the celebration sirens; they cooked it to medium rare perfection. 


I was in heaven. Not only was my wine flowing, the steak was perfect and the accompaniments complimented that meaty goodness with class. 

The rocket salad had a delicious balsamic glaze on, the tomatoes where grilled beautifully, and the fries where like no others I’ve ever had. They tasted like a batter you would get on your fish at the fish and chip shop, and they were really crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I literally was destroying the whole plate at an alarming speed; it was that good. 

I also liked the touch of mushrooms on top of the steak; they added a nice flavor into the mix. 

The Philharmonic was a great choice, and I left extremely full and happy. What a big plate of food, and I had used a deal which meant I got the whole meal for around £9- what a steal. 

Another day another restaurant; I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of eating delicious food and writing about it. I feel extremely lucky to be able to review and share with you. 


Until next time, 

Mrs. Conley 

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