Little man coffee co packs a fun surprise. Cardiff, UK

Today was my first day in Cardiff. I’ve visited this cute city multiple times before, and visited it’s glorious Cardiff castle and proud welsh flag lined streets; not to mention the beautiful arcades and markets. 

However, I had never been to The little man coffee co before, and as my first choice in this city I really did stumble upon a gem, and I’m so happy I found it. 



Inside it is full or quirks; there is a hydration station, a mini breakfast bar with cereal, pop tarts, peanut butter, and even a dog bowl; how unique.



The menu is deliciously enticing and the service is flawless. I started the morning with a cappuccino on the hard seats at the window. I then moved to the comfy sitting chairs to eat my mozzarella, pesto and caramelised onion toasted sandwich; you can literally make your own sandwich from a long list of fresh ingredients using their homemade bread, and I admit I made a mistake choosing the caramelised onions, but you live and learn. The sandwich itself was still delicious, garnished with salted crisps that went perfectly with each bite of sandwich.


The whole menu was actually fantastic and I found it hard to pick and choose- in a way I could kick myself for not getting the smashed avocado; but I think the lack of an egg option made me choose another alternative. I do love my eggs on top of my smashed avocado, and I’m always butt hurt when they don’t have that. Here’s a look at the menu so you can see just how good it is for yourself.


As I was finishing up my food I saw that two big green comfy living chairs had opened at the window, and in a true musical chairs fashion, I changed seats for a third and final time. This was the winning spot; comfort level = 10, and I sat reading my book, and ordered a latte as my second choice. 


The music was very jazzy and pleasant and I did not feel awkward or uncomfortable in any way, even though I sat in the coffee shop for over two hours. 

I really enjoyed their coffee, and the creaminess was like velvet with every sip. 

Whilst sat, looking around, I noticed the hashtag #haveyouseendownstairs everywhere and tried to make out what it meant.

My curiosity was further spiked when I asked for the wifi password and the lovely guy told me that is was all one word, lowercase, and haveyouseendownstairs. That was it, I couldn’t possibly resist. I walked straight up to the counter, after seeing numerous people shake the barristers hand and disappear down into the basement, and asked what was down those stairs! A vault, he said, and I asked what on earth that was. 

He told me that they had a space they rented out to people, they also had craft beers, wine and live music on evenings, and that it was also another part of the shop that was quiet to do office work in. Great, I thought, and down the steps I went. 

The space was rented out to an adult photography group on this particular day, so I could not take pictures, and I left after a quick look around. I can imagine it’s a fantastic place when the live music and craft beers kick in. Maybe I’ll go back. They do advertise the whole place as opening early for coffee and staying open late for what’s downstairs. How fun. Another level to this fantastic coffee shop that I was not expecting when I walked in this morning ready to get my caffeine fix.

All in all  I am in love with this place, and can’t wait to go back. I do not think a review could do it justice unless you just go and visit yourself. 

Happy first day of the week. 

Until next time, Mrs. Conley. 

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