‘ Quick grabs’ Nottingham.

As the week draws to a close I’m feeling extremely thankful that I got to try lovely restaurants in this hilly city. 

These new quick grab posts will focus on cafes or coffee shops that won my gold medal for the time it took to walk in and leave, the quality of service, the quality of items purchased, and the atmosphere. Each city I’ll hunt down a place, and recommend the best to you, so that if you find yourself in the city of topic, in need of a quick bite or a caffeine fix, then you know where to go. 

This weeks winner was ‘Outpost coffee’ without a doubt. Look how cute it is! 


After visiting other coffee shops in the area this one took the lead pretty quickly, and I visited twice; leaving with a smile on my face each time and a spring in my step. 

The same gentleman served me both times and was very polite and professional; the first time I asked for a latte and the second time I asked for a cappuccino. He always had a smile, he always had great conversation flow, and I felt at ease waiting for my coffee. Hands down it was the best coffee I had in the city, absolutely delicious. You can get it either to go or to drink in at their little tables, or outside seating, for under £3. Both times I took mine to go.

However, the little shop may lack space, but what it lacks in size it makes up in character. It was very quirky, the space was well used, and it was extremely clean and inviting; if I’d had time I would have loved to have spent a couple of my precious hours at their cute little outside seating area as the city was plunged into a heatwave mid week, and I’m sure I would have thoroughly enjoyed my little self. 


They also have a selection of fantastic sandwiches and pastries/baked goods at your disposal. The first day I got a toasted mozzarella, pesto, sundried tomato, and arugula panini which was mouthwateringly delicious; so much so that I didn’t even get a picture before I demolished the whole thing, sorry.  

For time in and out they couldn’t be beat; I literally spent less than 5 minutes in the shop each time and walked out with amazing coffee and a beautifully made sandwich. 

The second time I visited they had different sandwiches in the fridge, so I’m sure that means they change the line-up everyday which is a huge plus for me, as I love variety and excitement when going back to a place I love; it makes me love it even more knowing each day will be a new tastebud adventure.

Really winning at life Outpost Coffee, you’re really winning.

You can see the second day’s choices of sandwiches in the picture below. The first day they also had a chicken one and a hummus one, and of course the mozzarella pesto one which I ate without even breathing between bites it was so good! The crust was hard and had some bite, then the gooey mozzarella melted in the middle, and the bread soaked up all of that pesto goodness making it incredibly soft, and the arugula and sundried tomatoes really gave it a tastebud tingling hit to finish it off perfectly – yes I know, I keep talking about the sandwich, but it really just was that good… If only I hadn’t released my inner fat kid and destroyed it before a picture was possible; I promise next time I’ll rein myself in and be good.

Back to the picture, I’ll calm myself and move on. 


Now, if the sandwiches are not for you and you have a bit of a sweet tooth then look no further than the coffee counter itself. Who doesn’t love the sound of a blood orange friand? YUM! Or a salted caramel brownie? Are you for real! I mean, I know I’m drooling thinking about them; the pastry selection is plentiful, and you’re literally moments away from being unleashed into sweet tooth heaven, if that’s what your heart so desires. Basically you just need to see this for yourself to really believe it, so here you go… 


Oh my freshness, don’t they just look delicious? I’d take a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips for that beautiful array of baked goods. I’m so thankful I found this little gem, and if you find yourself in the Nottingham area I’d strongly recommend grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Thanks for reading my first quick grabs post, and I hope you’re as excited as me for many more. 

Next stop, Cardiff! Who knows what delicious culinary delights I’ll find around the fast approaching corner; keep tuned. 


Until next time,

Mrs Conley



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