Holy pizza heaven! #Nottingham

First let me start by saying that Oscar and Rosie’s is a fabulously hospitable restaurant, with the warmest welcome around. You’ll find this gem nestled in the downtown heart of the city, surrounded by quirky bars and cute coffee shops.

A group of 20+ friends, and myself, entered with grumbling stomachs, eager to sit down to a great deal of all you can eat pizza, Mac n cheese, and wedges for a jaw dropping £15 each; that’s £1 more than a normal pizza price. How could we say no after a weary day at work; and not only did they give us a cracking deal, they also stayed open late to cater to us, which really does prove they go above and beyond. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but once you’re seated at a wooden table, and take that first mouthwatering bite, you’ll possibly want to shed a few happy tears and thank the pizza gods for such a treat.


Upon hearing that they source all of their ingredients from the freshest sources, and make all of their pizza sauces from scratch, I was eager to get going and try these famous pizzas I keep on hearing about.

Now, I’m not much of a pizza person, and it takes a lot for me to be wowed over by that Italian born dish, but let me tell you that Oscar and Rosie’s definitely earns the right to brag about their 14″ ooey gooey slices sent from heaven.

Another thing I love about this restaurant is their craft beer selection; I started my meal with a Tiny Rebel brewing tropical IPA, and ended with just a classic old favorite of Brooklyn east IPA. Their menu is extensive, and you won’t be disappointed, and if beer is not for you then there’s plenty of other drinks to choose from.

Now, back to the food!

The first pizza to come out was a garlic cheese pizza. The crust was so thin, and you could tell it was homemade the second it touched your tastebuds; the taste and quality was next level – I loved the way it crumbled in your mouth, but also was deliciously cheesy and soft at the same time. (Is that even possible?!)

The pizzas that followed where equally as mouth watering; there was pork and fennel, chicken and caramelised onion, meat fest, and vegetable. Sounds pretty typical for pizza flavors right? Correct, but they hold a bar above most others that feels like you’re trying these classic pizza flavors again for the very first time in a whole new light. They also do speciality vegetarian and vegan pizza to suit everyone, without losing any of the authentic delicious taste.

All that being said, we didn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg with all of the delicious choices; their pizzas really are endless, and they have specials alongside their vast menu.

So, let’s talk sides!

The twice cooked garlic wedges where delicious but I’d definitely go for more pizza slices if I was you.

The Mac ‘n’ cheese on the other hand was out of this world; It had layers and layers of gooey cheese that stretched for days, and I just could not stop eating it. I’m unsure of which cheeses where used, but I definitely tasted some foot- the good food kind, and I’m sure the ever loved cheddar was present deep within that hearty masterpiece.

If you’re searching for fantastic pizza in Nottingham then do not look any further than Oscar and Rosie’s; the only place I want to be when my pizza cravings kick in.

And did I mention that for their lunch specials most of the pizzas, and Mac ‘n’ cheese dishes drop to a steal price of £7 each; it doesn’t get better than that!

Overall I was one happy customer; not only did they cater to our big group, they also where prompt, professional, and the evening was executed without a glitch.



Thanks for for an awesome evening, and fantastic service.

If all of this goes to my hips, and I expand, I honestly will have zero regrets.

Until next time, Mrs Conley.




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