Fit Food Shack heaven.

Ok, so I know this isn’t the usual restaurant post I’d be going for, but trust me when I say this one is not to be missed. During my time in Liverpool a little birdie told me about a place called the Fit Food Shack. They make delicious protein heavy meals with pre workout and post workout specialities. When I first arrived I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’d tried one of their chicken wings a friend had given me and it melted in my mouth; from that moment I was adamant I’d make the trip. As I walked down Old Hall Street, my stomach ravenous with hunger, I could smell their rotisserie chicken before I could see it, and my mouth began to water. 


I hurried down the stairs with caution after walking in the rain, and my mouth dropped with excitement at all of the delicious food available. It’s hard to describe in a post just how fantastic this place is for an athlete or extremely active person like myself. Every single thing on the menu has been picked carefully to display the calories, fat, protein, weight, and cooked to perfection; It’s pure healthy junkie heaven. I also love that they add red onion and peppers, beautifully seasoned, to even chicken dish I’ve purchased so far – that little touch goes a long way.

Not to mention how friendly and welcoming all of the staff are, which really adds to the whole experience. 



Two days in a row now I have ordered half a rotisserie chicken to myself…. Yes you heard me; half a whole chicken, and I had zero regrets. Not only do they have succulent, juicy, chicken that falls off of the bone, they also have pre-made meals in the fridge that are high protein and ready to grab and go; they’re so sought after that every time I get there the fridge is almost empty! Some of the fridge labels I saw included a chilli, pulled pork, a salmon dish, steak, sweet potato, protein yogurt pots, egg and veg pots, and vegetarian options. I also noticed a HUGE bag of steam cooked chicken breasts you can buy to do your own meal preps at home if you don’t have time to cook it yourself. Another plus are there protein shakes, their green teas, their protein bars, and their homemade power protein energy balls. This place really is a healthy paradise, and I found myself in such awe that I even pictured opening a place similar myself once I finished traveling with my job in the future. They really have got it all.

I do not believe I can do it justice with this post, but hopefully I can tweak your interest enough to at least go and check it out when you’re in the area. 

So without anymore delay, here is the delicious picture of my half chicken that I know you’re dying to see. (You can choose to eat the meals at the restaurant or you can take them away in a beautiful little box for your convenience.) 



Honestly, I can’t recommend the rotisserie chicken enough. I’d love to have had time to try something else, but the chicken was so mouthwateringly perfect that I couldn’t pull myself away from it, and found myself repeating the same order every time I walked in; pretty soon I’ll turn into a chicken if I continue eating it like this – ha. 

Here are are a few more pictures of the inside and the special menus. 





If you get chance to check it out, post your pictures so I can see. You won’t be disappointed. 

Until next time, Mrs. Conley. 

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