Liverpool’s eggy treasures

This morning I am writing to you from Liverpool; a city in the North West of the United Kingdom. The wifi in the hotel when I awoke had gone down overnight, which usually would not be an issue for me, but being away from my husband right now means we rely on the internet to communicate throughout the day – and will do for the next month whilst I’m away working. All was not lost though; I awoke at 6.30am and left the hotel at 7.30am on the hunt for an independent local coffee shop; my favorite.
After fighting the wind and rain I stumbled upon a cute looking eatery called ‘Panna’ and decided to take a look inside. I descended the steps off of Tithebarn Street, and down into the little underground hangout. At first glance it looked very new and upcoming; the tables and chairs where all wood, apart from one couch near the entrance which was taken, and the decor was minimalistic but very nicely themed. The ceiling was high, and they had wifi which was a huge plus in my current situation – very fast wifi too.

Upon walking to the counter I scanned the menu, starving, looking for my next breakfast victim; extremely happy to see that they had my all time favorite of Eggs Benedict.
With a quick tap of my convenient contactless card (what a time to be alive – ha) I was on my way to a table waiting on my order of what I hoped to be yummy food and a cappuccino to wake me up.
My first improvement I could make would be more ‘fillings’ and homely vibes; I believe comfy chairs and sofas with some nice rugs and plants would really do the place justice. The laminate floor, the brick walls and ceilings, and the wooden chairs and tables left the room feeling very cold and uncomfortable. The service was excellent and I was never left with questions unanswered or unsatisfied. In a nick of time my cappuccino popped up in front of me whilst I had been distracted checking my social media account, and it tasted just like any good cappuccino should with a creamy velvet finish and the perfect little kick of caffeine I needed. As I sat reading my morning updates I went over the eggs Benedict on the menu to see what this version would entail; instead of a muffin they would use rye toast, and Parma ham with eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce; it sounded delightful – and I could smell the Parma ham as it hit the grill in the back; filling the room with that delicious salty aroma.
I had barely taken three sips of my coffee before the food was in front of me, and boy did it look good; the eggs wobbled their way down to table level doing a happy little morning dance just for me, and the presentation was pleasing to the eye; the way the toast sat with the eggs upon it almost looked like a pair of eyes peering up at me, and my inner self almost wished they’d made a smile at the bottom with hollandaise to complete the face – but maybe that was the hunger making me silly.



Without further delay and offerings of salt and pepper I was left alone again to dive into what I hoped would be breakfast heaven. The eggs burst at the touch of my knife, releasing vibrant healthy yolks, and my inner fat kid jumped for joy at such a runny mess.
They had been cooked to perfection.



The rye toast was a little hard for my liking, but the egg yolks made it easier to chew once they had been absorbed. The hollandaise was definitely homemade and possibly needed a little more lemon, but I enjoyed it non the less. With the Parma ham being exposed quickly on the grill it was now a thin bacon slice blanketing the rye, and within less than 10 minutes I had destroyed the whole plate. Not bad for my first breakfast in Liverpool this year. All in all the breakfast outing lasted two hours, cost just over £10, and I enjoyed people watching, the rain falling, and time to myself in a new cafe. Panna is definitely a new one to look out for, and although it may not have everything in place as of yet, or the comfort of some of the big coffee chains, I would urge you to go independent when you can and support the local community – after all, it’s more fun to explore and try new things, forever stretching your horizons, then it is to revisit the same chain places over and over again in each city your feet may land and always expecting to eat the same tasting food from each cloned branch. Be brave, be bold, and embrace every opportunity with gratitude and an open mind.
By hunting down some local hotspots I can guarantee you’ll almost always have a better day ahead of you.
Until next time, Mrs Conley.

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